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Irish Whiskey: Green Shoots Keep on Growing

A change in permitted terms for Irish whiskey in the US has been turned from a problem into an opportunity by the market leader, Pernod Rica...

Comment - The need for spirits laws

Diageo’s recent court victory in the Vodkat “passing off” case has brought the world of spirit regulations into the headlines. But, accordin...

Richard Woodard | 18 Jan 2007

Blended malt is often regarded as the ‘mongrel’ of the Scotch category, but it is clearly a growth area. Some consider the combination of the kudos of malt with the brand-friendly flexibility of blends to be a winning formula. Richard Woodard is not so sure.

Latest News

Andy Morton | 25 Feb 2014

Diageo is to launch a new Cardhu Scotch expression throughout Western Europe.

Andy Morton | 3 Sep 2013

Every autumn Diageo releases a collection of limited edition single malt Scotch whiskies. Ten such single malt whiskies are being released this year.

Diageo's The Managers' Choice Scotch whisky collection

Diageo is set to release a new expression of its Cardhu whisky.

Chris Brook-Carter | 6 Nov 2003

As the controversy continues to mount regarding Diageo’s decision to change the make-up of its Cardhu brand, the company hit back yesterday saying it was “passionate about Scotland and Scotch whisky” and that without innovation the company’s “economic and social performance would at best stand still.”

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