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Campari Group in 2020 - results preview

16 Feb 2021

On Thursday, Campari Group will announce its full-year results for 2020. In October, the company reported a 12.9% surge in sales from the three months to the end of September. The performance represented a reversal on the 11.3% slide in sales in Campari's first half, resulting in year-to-date sales standing at -2.8% on the corresponding period a year ago. Here's a look at the news that is likely to have shaped Campari Group's performance in the three months to the end of December.

Whiskey boom and vodka slide? How US wholesalers view the next six months - analysis

19 Nov 2020

The global beverage industry is approaching the first anniversary of the coronavirus impact, dating back to the first effects in China back in January. Despite the distance, the outlook still remains clouded, with spiking infection rates in some parts of the world and fresh lockdowns adding to the complexity.

Campari Group kicks off global online push for brand Campari - video

6 Oct 2020

Campari Group has unveiled a new digital campaign for its namesake brand, using artists around the world to express the aperitif's 'Red Passion' brand ethos.

Campari Group unveils global Longbranch Bourbon campaign

21 Sep 2020

Campari Group has debuted the first global digital marketing activation for its Longbranch Bourbon whisky brand, directed by co-founder & actor Matthew McConaughey.

Spirits can benefit from lockdown's home cocktail converts - Campari CEO

29 Jul 2020

Spirits will continue taking off-premise share from beer after consumers spent the coronavirus lockdown learning to mix simple cocktails at home, Campari Group CEO Bob Kunze-Concewitz has said.

Campari Group’s Wild Turkey Rare Breed Rye - Product Launch

22 Jul 2020

Campari Group has added a rye whiskey to its Wild Turkey portfolio in the US.

Campari Group reaffirms Netherlands move

18 Mar 2020

Campari Group has confirmed its commitment to moving its registered offices to the Netherlands despite the coronavirus pandemic affecting stock prices.

How did Campari Group perform in 2019? - results data

19 Feb 2020

Campari Group has reported a slight slowing in its growth rate towards the end of last year, with the first half of 2020 also set to decelerate.

Campari Group to up China ante with Marnier Cognac and Aperol - CEO

1 Nov 2019

Campari Group is looking to intensify its focus in China on higher-end Cognac expressions and a wider availability of its flagship Aperol brand.

How did Campari perform in Q3 2019? - results data

29 Oct 2019

Campari's sales slowed sightly in the third-quarter, but the company has said it remains on track for the full year.

Could 'delocalisation' signal the death of provenance in spirits? - Editor's Viewpoint

3 Oct 2019

The role of provenance in marketing is widely prevalent in the spirits category - always by brands that have to be produced in a certain location, but also often by those that aren't tied by rules of definition.

Why rye whisky is set to go global - Comment

15 Aug 2019

With its distinctly peppery, spicy flavour profile, rye whisky presents a challenge to the average consumer's palate, thinks Neil Ridley, but one that a new breed of whisky consumers appears keen to explore in more detail. So, why is the UK craft distilling scene getting excited for such an innovative, yet relatively extreme, spirit?

High agave prices to tumble in 2021 - Campari CEO

5 Aug 2019

Agave prices should fall "dramatically" from 2021, Campari's CEO has said as he forecast an end to increased Tequila costs for spirits companies.

How did Campari perform in H1 2019? - results data

30 Jul 2019

The US and France drove Campari to a strong first-half sales increase aided by price increases.

Budweiser Brewing Group - The end of Anheuser-Busch InBev? - just-drinks thinks

25 Mar 2019

If today's news of a company name change in the UK is a precursor to a wider change in the global brewing category, then I for one cannot wait.

Campari Group rolls out third Red Diaries film 'Entering Red' – video

6 Feb 2019

Campari Group has released the latest film in its 'Red Diaries' activation for its namesake brand.

Campari sticks with Red Diaries film series as Negroni turns 100 - video

14 Nov 2018

Campari Group has released details of the third annual 'Red Diaries' activation for its namesake brand.

Who could buy Brockmans Gin? - What just-drinks thinks

1 Nov 2018

Brockmans Gin is reportedly up for sale, and could be set to go the same way as many of its gin start-up peers, snapped up by international spirits companies keen to jump aboard the gin boom.

Campari Group art campaign invites consumers inside a Campari cocktail

28 Aug 2018

Campari Group has launched an activation that hides a cocktail bar inside an art installation.

How will the coming years treat the gin segment? - Research in Focus

12 Jul 2018

As the global gin bandwagon rolls on, growth is set to continue in the vast majority of markets around the world – although the US is yet to fulfil its potential.

Campari Group Q1 2018 - results data

8 May 2018

In early-May, Campari Group reported its results for the first quarter of 2018. Here, just-drinks takes an in-depth look at the company's performance in the three months to the end of March.

Campari Group lines up US Campari ad campaign – video

18 Apr 2018

Campari Group's US unit has rolled out a new campaign for its namesake aperitif brand as it looks to capitalise on the growing popularity of the Negroni cocktail in the market.

Campari Group’s Campari Cask Tales - Product Launch

16 Apr 2018

Campari Group has lined up a GTR-exclusive brand extension of its namesake bitter aperitif.

Campari Group up in 2017 despite flat year in Asia Pacific - results

27 Feb 2018

Campari Group has maintained its growth levels for sales last year, with the top-line rising by just over 6% in 2017.

"Money has never burnt a hole in our pocket" - Interview, Campari Group CEO Bob Kunze-Concewitz, Part II

8 Feb 2018

Last month, just-drinks sat down with Campari Group CEO Bob Kunze-Concewitz during a visit to the new Appleton Estate visitors centre to discuss the rum category. While we had him, Kunze-Concewitz broached a number of other subjects including Campari's M&A ambitions, the overheated Irish whiskey category and why a ban on plastic straws may not be the way to solve waste issues.

Campari Group not keen on Irish whiskey - CEO

8 Feb 2018

Campari Group CEO Bob Kunze-Concewitz has played down the attraction of Irish whiskey, claiming the sector is awash with new entrants while offering poor growth prospects outside of its two biggest brands.

Gruppo Campari unveils second Red Diaries film - video

30 Jan 2018

Campari Group has launched a new Red Diaries film for its namesake spirits brand, as it enters the second year of activation for the campaign that replaced the long-standing Campari calendar. 

Why big spirits firms are willing to pay for potential - Comment

27 Jul 2017

This month, spirits columnist Richard Woodard takes a closer look at why the world's largest spirits firms are investing in relatively small brands. 

How much longer can US whiskey maintain its stellar growth? - Comment

4 Jul 2017

It's been one of the success stories of the Century so far. Spirits commentator Ian Buxton looks at US whiskey to see if an end to the category's explosive growth will break anytime soon.

Campari brings non-alcoholic Crodino to UK

30 May 2017

The UK unit of Campari has rolled out its Crodino non-alcoholic aperitif in the market.





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