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Soft drinks & water review 2008 - Coke has the best of a tough year for soft drinks

23 Dec 2008

While the past 12 months have been difficult for many soft drinks companies, notably in North America, the last year has seen continued development in better-for-you categories, notably enhanced waters and healthy colas. Ben Cooper takes a look back at 2008.

EU: Pesticide residues in soft drinks - study

22 Dec 2008

Pesticide residues have been found in fruit-based soft drinks at levels "dramatically exceeding" the EU safety standard for drinking water, a new study says.

UK: CSD consumption down amongst UK's younger drinkers - research

3 Dec 2008

Squash remains the most popular soft drink amongst UK children according to new findings published today (3 December) by the British Soft Drinks Association (BSDA).

Focus - Leading bottled water groups respond to pressure

25 Sep 2008

The three leading bottled water brands in the UK launched the Natural Hydration Council (NHC) earlier this month. The organisation says it is not a lobby group but aims to research and promote the environmental, health and other sustainable benefits of natural bottled water. Ben Cooper spoke with the NHC’s director, Jeremy Clarke, about the challenges the NHC faces.

UK: Packaging chemical Bisphenol A linked to heart disease - study

17 Sep 2008

Controversial food and drink packaging chemical, Bisphenol A, has been linked to higher risk of heart disease and diabetes in adults, according to new research.

UK: Asda, Innocent slash prices on juice, smoothies

9 Sep 2008

UK supermarket chain Asda has joined with Innocent drinks to cut prices on 100% juice and smoothies, in protest at high government tax on the products.

The View from A Farr – Smooth move

21 Aug 2008

Innocent has blazed a trail in the smoothie category but as these drinks have become more popular, juice companies have looked to capitalise by launching their own products. Now Innocent has retaliated by creating its own juice brand and, writes Annette Farr, the company has once again demonstrated considerable self-confidence by launching a new premium product at a time when consumers are tightening their belts.

UK: Consumers' thirst for bottled water drying up - research

24 Jul 2008

Consumers’ thirst for drinking bottled water is drying up according to a survey by UK consumer magazine Which?

Focus - Rising cost of fruit puts pressure on juice prices

22 Jul 2008

The shortfall in production and rising cost of fruit is causing anxiety among producers of fruit juices. Higher retail prices threaten to stem the strong growth of this dynamic category, and given that rising fruit juice consumption is making a positive contribution to the ‘5-a-day’ campaign, soft drinks companies are urging the UK government to reduce VAT on fruit juice. Annette Farr reports.

UK: Health drinks lead in soft drinks market - research

22 Jul 2008

Health, wellbeing and functionality drinks are leading the way in the UK soft drinks market according to a new report.

UK: BSDA releases UK sustainability strategy

10 Jun 2008

The British Soft Drinks Association has unveiled its sustainability strategy for soft drinks producers in the UK.

Smoothie boom shows no signs of flattening off

15 May 2008

Tapping into demand for healthier beverages, the fresh fruit smoothie has been one of the success stories of soft drinks market in recent years, particularly in the UK. Annette Farr takes a look at other major markets to see if the exceptional success seen in the UK is being replicated elsewhere.

Focus - New FSA move on colourings leaves industry puzzled

1 May 2008

The call by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) for the voluntary withdrawal of certain colourings, and its recommendation that British ministers push for a total ban in the EU, surprised observers from the industry and the campaigning community. The debate over the link between food colourings and hyperactivity now switches to the European arena. Ben Cooper reports.

The View from A Farr – Challenging climate

29 Apr 2008

Rising raw material prices and fuel costs, new regulatory pressures and adapting their businesses to meet environmental concerns represent a daunting cocktail of challenges for soft drinks companies to cope with. And, Annette Farr writes, while the soft drinks industry has a reputation for resourcefulness and adaptability, the current conditions look set to stretch this to the limit.

UK: UK soft drinks market dips in volumes, rises in value - research

28 Apr 2008

The 2008 UK Soft Drinks Report, published today (28 April) by the British Soft Drinks Association (BSDA), records that the market dipped slightly in 2007, registering a 0.8% fall to 14.21bn litres.

The View from A Farr – Industry ahead of the game on additives

27 Mar 2008

While the soft drinks industry was relieved that the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) did not find a major study on the effect additives have on children’s behaviour to be grounds for a change in regulations, for Annette Farr the media interest generated only serves to confirm the way the wind is blowing. Soft drinks brands are already responding to changing consumer demands, and the trend towards natural and functional products shows no sign of diminishing.

The View from A Farr – Soft drinks labelling: Information overload

20 Sep 2007

The publication of new research into the effects of artificial colourings and preservatives on children’s behaviour has once again put children’s soft drinks in the spotlight. Annette Farr believes that the industry’s best response is to trumpet the increasing number of additive-free variants available on the market.

SPOTLIGHT: New research puts hyperactive pressure on soft drinks

13 Sep 2007

The debate over the link between the colourings used in soft drinks and hyperactivity in children has raged for many years but a new study by researchers at the University of Southampton may well have taken the debate to a new level. Ben Cooper assesses the impact the new findings may have for soft drinks producers.

UK: BSDA responds to FDA’s hyperactivity links

6 Sep 2007

The soft drinks industry has responded to recent Food Standards Agency research suggesting links between certain artificial food additives and colourings used in soft drinks and hyperactivity in children.

The View from A Farr – Water hero!

9 Aug 2007

Following the recent floods in the UK, bottled water companies provided emergency supplies when mains water services broke down. Their largely unsung actions gave the companies a chance to demonstrate their social responsibility, writes Annette Farr, at a time when the erratic weather patterns have focused public attention on environmental concerns and climate change.

UK: BSDA calls for VAT reduction on fruit juice

10 Jul 2007

The British Soft Drinks Association (BSDA) has called for a reduction in the value added tax (VAT) levied on fruit juice.

UK: Soft drinks market in good health

21 Jun 2007

According to a new report from the drinks consultancy Zenith International, the UK soft drinks market sustained “healthy” growth in 2006, with total volumes up by 3.6%, driven by the health and wellness trend and growth in still drinks categories.

UK: Soft drink additives must carry warning – lobby group

13 Jun 2007

A UK pressure group has called for soft drinks that use certain additives to carry health warnings.

UK: Britvic CEO assumes trade body leadership

13 Jun 2007

The British Soft Drinks Association has appointed a new president.

EUROPE: GSK general manager becomes UNESDA president

18 May 2007

The Union of European Beverages Associations (UNESDA) has appointed a new president.

UK: Soft drinks consumers start watching calories - research

10 May 2007

UK soft drinks consumers are turning their attention to their calorie intake, according to recent research.

UK: Smoothie maker calls for support in VAT fight

2 Apr 2007

A UK smoothie maker is hoping to galvanise industry support for a change in the tax on the category after the country’s High Court ruled the drinks should be subject to VAT.

UK: Ofcom pushes ahead with junk food ad ban

22 Feb 2007

UK communications regulator Ofcom is pushing ahead with its plan to ban junk food ads during TV shows watched by under 16-year-olds.

The View from A Farr – Speaking up for soft drinks

23 Jan 2007

The fact that bad news travels faster than good, and is certainly more likely to make the headlines, is not lost on UK soft drinks companies, so it is somewhat surprising that the British Soft Drinks Association (BSDA) is only just getting around to appointing a media manager. Annette Farr welcomes the move.

UK: BSDA dismisses soft drink caffeine claim

8 Jan 2007

The British Soft Drinks Association has moved to dismiss claims that caffeine is present in some soft drinks purely to make them more addictive to consumers.




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