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October 2010 Management Briefing – Drinks Packaging - Part II

22 Oct 2010

Drinks packaging recycling becoming increasingly common worldwide

UK: BSDA defends "waste of money" energy drinks

4 Oct 2010

The British Soft Drinks Association (BSDA) has dismissed suggestions that gym-goers who buy energy sports drinks are "wasting their money".

EUR: Euro Commission moves to ban sugar in fruit juice

22 Sep 2010

The European Commission plans to ban the addition of sugar to fruit juices as part of an amendment to the Fruit Juice Directive.

July/August Management Briefing - The Private-Label Drinks Market - Part III

30 Jul 2010

Retailers benefit from quality private-label drinks reputation What is the attraction of drinks’ own brands or private labels for the retailers? After all, if consumers are happy with commercial ‘national’ brands then retailers can make money. “They exist because supermarkets are trying to build their supermarket values and their own relationship with their customers,” says Richard Hall, chairman and founder of international food and drink consultants Zenith International.

Comment - Soft Drinks & Bottled Water - Bottled Water Misses the Sunshine Train?

13 Jul 2010

After six disappointing summers, the UK is finally enjoying a healthy - and long overdue - dose of sunshine. A perfect time, then, for the bottled water companies to make hay, yes? Sadly, Annette Farr feels, this opportunity may be passing them buy.

UK: Obesity rate leaps in UK - figures

6 Jul 2010

The UK soft drinks industry has said it remains committed to helping tackle obesity, after figures showed rates have soared over the last 15 years.

UK: Consumers link fizzy drinks to obesity - survey

18 Jun 2010

A quarter of UK adults questioned in a YouGov survey draw a direct link between fizzy drinks and obesity.

UK: Soft drinks industry wary of 'fat VAT'

4 Jun 2010

The UK soft drinks industry has voiced its disapproval at the possibility of a ‘fat tax’ being applied to its products in the Government's upcoming Budget.

Focus - UK: Health dominates soft drinks conference

17 May 2010

Pressure from consumers and authorities for healthier soft drinks dominated a meeting of the key movers and shakers in the UK soft drinks industry late last week.

UK: FSA to discuss price of sugary soft drinks

10 May 2010

The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) plans to discuss ways of using price to reduce the consumption of high sugar soft drinks and fatty foods.

UK: British Soft Drinks Association launches caffeine code of practice

29 Apr 2010

The British Soft Drinks Association (BSDA) has published a code of practice covering the promotion of high caffeine content drinks in the UK.

Comment - Soft Drinks & Water - Moving Forwards By Going Backwards

6 Apr 2010

Despite the small 2% increase in value sales and 1% in volume recorded in last week's publication of the Britvic Soft Drinks Report 2010, the results for 2009 show there has been a sea change in the UK soft drinks landscape. Along with legislative challenges, argues Annette Farr, this presents a worrying picture.

Focus - FSA in tune with industry on sugar in drinks

30 Mar 2010

The announcement by the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) of voluntary recommendations on added sugar levels in soft drinks received a mixed response from campaigners while industry advocates were pleased that the FSA had acknowledged the work already done to develop healthier products. Ben Cooper reports.

UK: FSA ups pressure on sugar in soft drinks

26 Mar 2010

The UK Government's food watchdog has called on soft drinks producers to reduce their use of added sugar and offer smaller pack sizes for full sugar drinks.

UK: Soft drinks body defends juice amid toxin concern

2 Mar 2010

The British Soft Drinks Association has defended the safety of fruit juices and cordials after a study found that some drinks may be contaminated with a potentially harmful toxin.

GLOBAL: GSK creates role for global Lucozade, Ribena push

16 Nov 2009

GlaxoSmithKline has confirmed the creation of an executive position in its nutritional healthcare division to help increase the presence of its soft drinks brands around the world.

The View from A Farr - Fighting against the Fat Tax

20 Oct 2009

There's no doubt what's currently exercising the minds of beverage executives in the US - the threat of a Federal CSD tax. Now that President Obama has said the idea is worth investigating the ante has been upped and the industry's leading companies are aggressively fighting their corner – and, argues Annette Farr, with justification.

The View from A Farr - Soft drinks attackers: Just chill out

22 Sep 2009

As the attacks on the soft drinks and bottled water industries grow increasingly vocal around the world, companies in the two categories have looked to products offering whatever the consumer wants. Maybe, Annette Farr argues, the detractors ought to look at some of the more relaxing alternatives on offer.

UK: BSDA rejects soft drinks, liver damage link

12 Aug 2009

The British Soft Drinks Association has hit back at a study claiming that drinking two cans of carbonated soft drinks per day could cause long-term liver damage.

Focus - UK soft drinks sector puts sustainability centre stage

16 Jun 2009

Environmental concerns have climbed steadily up the agenda for soft drinks producers in recent years. However, Annette Farr writes, progress has been faster in the UK than in the US.

just the round-up - The week in drinks

12 Jun 2009

The top ten stories published on just-drinks this week:

UK: Soft drinks firms cutting carbon emissions - BSDA

11 Jun 2009

Wind turbines, recycled plastics and more environmentally friendly refrigerators are some of the initiatives that have been highlighted by the British Soft Drinks Association (BSDA) to demonstrate the industry's work on sustainability.

UK: Soft drinks sector holding off recession - BSDA president

9 Jun 2009

The UK soft drinks industry has proved itself more resilient to recession than other beverage sectors in 2009, according to Paul Moody, president of the British Soft Drinks Association.

The View from A Farr – Labelling theory

2 Jun 2009

The debate over front-of-pack nutritional labelling has divided opinion sharply. As the relative merits of guideline daily amounts (GDA) and ‘traffic lights’ are being widely discussed in the UK and the EU, Annette Farr believes having a single, unified system that consumers can readily understand and trust is the key priority.

Focus - Functionals continue to show enhanced performance

19 May 2009

According to a new report from the British Soft Drinks Association, functional beverages are continuing to outperform all other soft drinks categories. Annette Farr reviews the latest innovations in a vibrant category.

UK: Soft drinks sales creep up in 08 - BSDA

8 May 2009

Soft drinks sales grew 1% in value but declined 1.1% in volume in 2008, to stand at GBP13bn (US$19.5bn) and 13,905m litres, the British Soft Drink Association's (BSDA) 2009 UK Soft Drinks Report shows.

just the round-up - The week in drinks

8 May 2009

The top ten stories published on just-drinks this week:

The View from A Farr – NHC fails to exploit natural advantage

6 May 2009

The bottled water industry in the US appears to be doing a good job of defending the sector against criticism from environmental campaigners, as underlined by recent sales figures. But Annette Farr is less impressed with some of the advocates for the bottled water industry in the UK.

UK: British Soft Drinks Association attacks Natural Hydration Council sugary drinks claim

23 Apr 2009

The British Soft Drinks Association has attacked the Natural Hydration Council for its recently-announced advertising campaign, designed to promote bottled water in the UK.

UK: AG Barr resists FSA pressure on artificial colourings

3 Feb 2009

Soft drinks group AG Barr has said it has no immediate plans to sign up to the Food Standards Agency's voluntary ban on artificial colourings linked to hyperactivity in children.




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