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Drinks industry group seeks oversight role for Scottish deposit return scheme

22 Feb 2021

A group of beverage brand owners and trade associations are bidding to become the administrator for Scotland's upcoming deposit return scheme (DRS).

Nichols chief executive Marnie Millard named British Soft Drinks Association president

26 Jun 2020

Nichols CEO Marnie Millard has been elected as the next president of UK soft drinks industry body the British Soft Drinks Association (BSDA).

Why COVID-19 is making soft drinks walk an advertising tightrope - comment

4 Jun 2020

Consumers' growing concerns about their health are not only well documented, but they're also a natural reaction to a global health crisis. But, several soft drinks and supplements companies are getting their messages wrong. Lucy Britner investigates.

Coca-Cola European Partners calls for cross-border alignment in UK deposit return scheme

11 Oct 2019

The UK head of Coca-Cola European Partners has warned that any earlier implementation of a deposit return scheme in Scotland compared to the rest of Great Britain would cause "significant logistical and manufacturing challenges" for the soft drinks industry.

British Soft Drinks Association attacks study linking soft drinks to early death

5 Sep 2019

A UK soft drinks trade group has dismissed a World Health Organisation study that links the consumption of soda, including diet beverages, to early deaths.

How important is the plastic crisis? More important than Brexit - Sustainability Spotlight

20 Feb 2019

Public policy and corporate action in relation to plastic packaging were always likely to remain much-discussed topics in 2019. Less than two months into the year, this is proving to be the case. Ben Cooper reports.

Will 2018 be the year we solve the plastic problem? – Sustainability Spotlight

13 Feb 2018

Earlier this month, just-drinks talked to Evian global brand director Patricia Oliva about the water brand's recent commitment to make all its bottles from recycled plastic by 2025. Here, sustainability editor Ben Cooper considers how Evian's move underlines the increased attention being focused on plastics recycling. Ben also flags up some other sustainability hotspots for the coming year.

UK plastic waste policy needs reform - British Soft Drinks Association president

12 Oct 2017

The president of the British Soft Drinks Association has criticised the UK government's waste policy, saying industry must not be left to "pick up the bill" over plastic littering.

Why is the soft drinks sector losing the recycling game? - Sustainability Spotlight

19 Apr 2017

A recent report from Greenpeace has condemned the world's largest soft drinks producers for not doing enough to address ocean pollution caused by plastic bottles. The report is particularly critical of the lack of progress on bottle re-use, which suggests to Ben Cooper that this may have to feature more prominently in sustainability strategies if further damaging criticism is to be avoided.

Sugar tax risks 4,000 jobs - UK soft drinks industry

12 Aug 2016

The British soft drinks industry has warned that the UK sugar tax could cost the country up to 4,000 jobs.

UK politicians recommend soft drinks 'sugar tax'

30 Nov 2015

The UK Government's Health Committee has recommended a tax on full-sugar drinks in the country.

Sustainability in Drinks - Momentum Shifting on Soda Taxes

31 Jul 2015

The publication of research into the impact of Mexico's soda tax and reports by the UK Government's Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition and the British Medical Association have again put soda taxes in the spotlight. Ben Cooper reports

No sugary drinks for children, says UK health body

17 Jul 2015

A major UK government health agency has called on parents to remove all sugar-sweetened soft drinks from their children's diets.

Soft drinks industry rails against '184,000 deaths' claim

6 Jul 2015

National soft drinks representatives have branded a global report that blames the industry for 184,000 deaths a year as inaccurate.

just a While Ago - On 19 May in...

19 May 2015

Here's a look at what was happening on this day in...

Harding named as British Soft Drinks Association president

29 Apr 2015

Lucozade Ribena Suntory COO Peter Harding has been elected as the new president of the British Soft Drinks Association (BSDA).

just a While Ago - On 27 April in...

27 Apr 2015

Here's a look at what was happening on this day in...

Sustainability in Drinks - Are Roadmaps the Way Forward?

7 Nov 2014

Ben Cooper has stumbled upon a term that crops up time and again when it comes to sustainability.

UK soft drinks industry tells sugar critics to "bring it on"

7 Oct 2014

The British Soft Drinks Association (BSDA) has urged health critics to “bring it on”, saying the industry has nothing to hide over sugar content.

UK: BSDA points to no-calorie options as study raises fears on sugar

15 May 2014

The British Soft Drinks Association (BSDA) has spoken out over a government report warning against excessive consumption of soft drinks by children.

UK: BSDA heralds economic input as CCE unveils GBP52m injection

6 Mar 2014

The head of the British Soft Drinks Association has highlighted to the UK Government the economic benefits that the industry brings to the country.

UK: Morrisons to review under-16s energy drinks ban next month

5 Dec 2013

UK supermarket chain Morrisons says it has been “praised” for its trial ban on energy drinks sales to under-16s, but will review the move next month before deciding whether to roll it out nationally.

UK: Soft drinks group hits back at tax claim over obesity

1 Nov 2013

The British Soft Drinks Association (BSDA) has criticised new research calling for a soft drinks tax, saying higher levies will not curb obesity.

UK: British Soft Drinks Association calls for consumer value

25 Sep 2013

The president of the British Soft Drinks Association (BSDA) has said that the soft drinks industry needs to drive value to consumers, while continuing to fight obesity.

UK: Suntory Food & Beverage "good" for UK - Gerber Emig CEO

24 Sep 2013

The head of Gerber Emig has argued that Suntory Food & Beverage's arrival is “a good thing” for the UK soft drinks industry.

UK: BSDA questions tap water survey of schoolchildren

8 Jul 2013

The trade body for the UK's bottled water industry has criticised the results of a consumer survey in the country, commissioned by the producer of a collapsible bottle designed to store tap water.

UK: School bans energy drinks over learning fears - report

21 Jun 2013

A UK school has banned energy drinks over fears they are interfering with learning, according to a report.

Sustainability in Soft Drinks & Water - Part II - Collaboration with Suppliers

19 Jun 2013

The second part of this month's management briefing, which focuses on the soft drinks and bottled water category, looks at the relationship between producers and their suppliers.

Comment - Chasing the Drinks Sugar Rush Has its Perils

14 Jun 2013

With the trend for sweet flavours sweeping most drinks categories, it seems an obvious path for producers to follow. But with obesity now a major public health concern, will this rush for short-term gain lead to long-term pain? Just-drinks' deputy editor James Wilmore sounds the alarm.

UK: BSDA rejects calls for school drinks machine ban

12 Jun 2013

Moves to encourage councils to ban soft drinks vending machines in UK schools will not help tackle the obesity issue, a trade group has argued.





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