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US: Asconi poised to go non-reporting

29 Mar 2006

Asconi Corporation has approved a one-for-30 reverse stock split for its common stock.

US: Asconi sales leap in third quarter

1 Nov 2005

Asconi Corporation has sold approximately 806,500 equivalent cases of wine during the three months ended September 30, 2005.

US: Asconi announces new trading symbol

31 Oct 2005

Asconi Corporation has unveiled its new trading symbol.

US: Asconi delist appeal refused

27 Oct 2005

Asconi’s delisting from the American Stock Exchange (AMEX) is pending after the company was refused the right of appeal.

US: Asconi delisted from AMEX

4 Oct 2005

Asconi Corporation has said that it has received notice from the American Stock Exchange (AMEX) that its securities have been delisted from the exchange because of non-compliance.

US: Asconi reports drop in Q2 net income

8 Sep 2005

Net income for the second quarter at Asconi Corp. fell from around US$400,000 to US$300,000, the US-based Eastern European wines and spirits producer has announced.

US: Asconi AMEX listing under threat

31 Aug 2005

Asconi Corporation said yesterday (30 August) that the American Stock Exchange (AMEX) had notified the company that it was not in compliance with requirements for a continued listing under the AMEX Rules.

US: CEO and CFO both quit Asconi

11 Jul 2005

The CEO of Asconi Corp has resigned.

US: AMEX gives Asconi two weeks

3 Jun 2005

The American Stock Exchange (AMEX) has approved Asconi’s plan to regain compliance with certain of its continued listing standards.

US: Asconi Q1 figures late - prelims released

25 May 2005

Asconi Corporation has said it will be late in filing its Q1 figures.

US: Asconi Q1 sales on the rise

16 May 2005

Asconi Corporation has posted a rise in case sales for the quarter to the end of March.

US: Asconi launches new product lines

18 Jan 2005

Asconi has announced the introduction of 14 new product lines starting this month.

US: Asconi sales up 20% in 2004

12 Jan 2005

Asconi Corporation, the Eastern European producer of wines and spirits, today announced case sales for 2004 fiscal year of approximately 1,970,000 equivalent cases of wine, an increase of 330,000, or 20% from 1,640,000 equivalent cases sold during fiscal 2003.

US: Asconi predicts sales leap in 2004

9 Dec 2004

Asconi Corporation has released preliminary case sales for 2004 fiscal year to 31 December.

US: Asconi to get government compensation

30 Nov 2004

Asconi Corporation is set to receive US$680,000 compensation from the Moldovan government.

EUROPE: Asconi wine sales for Q3 released

6 Oct 2004

Asconi Corporation has announced that it sold approximately 500,000 equivalent cases of wines during the three months to the end of September.

US: Asconi completes Moldova vineyard planting

14 Jul 2004

Asconi Corporation, an Eastern European producer of wines and spirits, today announced that it has completed the planting of approximately 925 acres of vineyards in the central region of Moldova.

EUROPE: Asconi sales up 46% in Q2

12 Jul 2004

The Eastern Eurpean wine company Asconi Corporation sold approximately 454,000 equivalent cases of wines during the three months ended June 30, 2004. The figure was an increase of 144,000 cases, or 46.5%, from approximately 310,000 cases sold during the three months ended June 30, 2003.

US: Asconi running late on 2003 report

15 Apr 2004

Eastern European wine producer Asconi Corp. could be delisted from the American Stock Exchange.

US: Asconi to go Swiss

5 Feb 2004

Asconi Corporation, the Eastern European wine and spirit producer, is to ship wines to Switzerland.

US: Asconi completes private placement

11 Dec 2003

The Eastern European wine producer Asconi Corporation has completed a private placement under which the company sold restricted shares of its common stock for US$1.3m.

US: Asconi profits on expanding markets

18 Nov 2003

The East European winemaker and spirits producer Asconi Corp has seen its third-quarter profit reach US$1, compared to US$177,012 for the same period last year, a rise of nearly five times.

RUSSIA: Asconi seals Russian export deal

24 Oct 2003

Asconi Corporation, one of the largest Eastern European producers of wines and spirits, announced yesterday that it has signed contracts to ship an additional 10 million bottles of wines to the Russian Federation within one year starting October 2003.

MOLDOVA: Wine production up 29% in H1

30 Jul 2003

According to the State Winery Fund, Moldovan wine production rose by 29% to 8.5m decalitres in the first half of 2003. The State Winery Fund also reported that bottled wine volumes had reached 6.6m decalitres in the same period.

USA: Asconi makes second wine acquisition in weeks

27 Jun 2001

Only weeks after Asconi's acquisition of the Fabrica de vinuri din Puhoi wine factory, the company has announced that it has now acquired Orhei-vin, a large wine factory in Moldova. Constantin Jitaru, president of Asconi said of the deal: "The acquisition of Orhei has allowed Asconi to increase its production capacity by over 15,000 tonnes per year. We have also been able to enlarge our storage capacity by over 6.6m gallons. The bottling capacity also increases by 7,000 bottles per hour.

USA: Moldovan producer cements market leading position

20 Jun 2001

Moldovan wine producer, Asconi Corporation, today announced it has acquired an additional wine factory in an effort to further entrench itself as the country's largest independent winemaker. "The acquisition took place in order to meet demand for the company's wine products," a statement said.

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