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UK: E-commerce: How to tackle the pace of online selling

7 Jun 2000

Last week saw yet another major e-commerce partnership between two of America's leading online services providers. and announced a joint venture to create a new online shopping resource dedicated to personal communications., the world's largest paper greeting card store, will be the exclusive paper card partner for AmericanGreetings.

USA: PlumpJack Winery Owners Announce First Screw Cap Closures for Luxury Wine

6 Jun 2000

Gordon Getty, Bill Getty and Gavin Newsom, co-owners of PlumpJack Winery, announced today that PlumpJack Winery's 1997 Reserve Cabernet, scheduled for September release, will be the first luxury wine to go to market with a screw cap closure. The release will comprise a total of 12 barrels, or approximately 300 cases, including 133 cases with screw caps, priced at $135 per bottle, and the remainder with traditional cork closures, priced at $125 per bottle.

UK: Leading Dotcom Wine Company Joined by Founder of Majestic Wines

25 May 2000, the UK pioneer of wine over the web, has announced the appointment of Esme Johnstone, one of the founders and the Managing Director of the immensely successful Majestic Wine Warehouses chain of stores for eight years (1981-1989), as Chairman. "This is a tremendous coup for," said Edward Mills, founder and Managing Director of ItsWine.

EU's Riojan ruling threatens future of bulk wine industry

22 May 2000

The victory of Spanish wine laws in the European Court of Justice may change the face of the European wine industry for good. Keith Nuthall reports on why bulk shippers are bracing themselves for the worst. The conclusion of one of the longest-running legal battles in the history of the European wine industry has raised fears throughout the sector that Europe's quality wine producers will call time on the bulk shipping of their vintages.

UK: builds world beating Editorial team

12 May 2000

(EV Newsroom) announces it's intention to become the leading web authority for the drinks industry world wide. It's reputation has already won over many thousands of professionals within the industry - and it's editorial team is no exception. Managing Editor, Elliot Lane has recently been joined by Chris Brook-Carter - they are formerly of Drinks International Bulletin and Wine & Spirits International respectively.Elliot Lane: "We aim to build just-drinks to provide exciting news, information and analysis which will be appreciated by the drinks professional doing his or her daily business. It will be their first port of call for anyone needing to know the latest happenings within the industry. The editorial team is expanding to include wine critics, journalists, established feature writers and research from internationally acclaimed sources such as Leatherhead, Reuters Business Insight, Canadean and Keynote.""As part of our first birthday celebrations, we'll be at the London International Wine Fair (16-18th May 2000) - so come along and say hello at stand GA52A" Chris Brook-Carter added.just-drinks currently was launched in May 1999 and has over 15,000 visitors a month. The site has rapidly developed into a major online publication and industry resource winning "AOL's editor's pick" and a star recommendation from the Open Project.

Drinking Holes From Hell

10 May 2000

Let's face it. War is hell. War is stupid. It's also the best excuse for drinking ever invented. Having passed most of the Bosnian war in a blur of Jack Daniels and slivovitz , I can confirm that some things in life - performing a three point turn in the middle of a minefield, speeding down Sarajevo¹s sniper alley - are best done with a drink close at hand. But at least journalists and soldiers are on the same wavelength: the young, male and stupid wavelength, that is. No front line trench in Bosnia was complete without its own drinks cabinet. And no front line tour was complete, alas, without an enforced swig of home-made plum brandy. If you managed to avoid Uncle Slobodan's finest, then there was always a Hungarian

USA: Appointment of Southcorp Wines President - North America

10 May 2000

Southcorp Wines Executive General Manager, Tom Park, today announced the external appointment of John Handel to the role of President - North America. A business which turned over 1.9 million cases worth $US85 million in 1999. Mr. Handel, who will commence the position on 1 June 2000, was previously President and Chief Operating Officer at Lockwood Vineyard, a California-based wine company.

Allied Domecq: No merger but Bowman's aim is true

5 May 2000

Under Philip Bowman's command, Allied Domecq is showing the growth potential shareholders have been expecting for some years now. Glancing at the latest six months figures, many will be pinching themselves to make sure they have not slipped into a trance and picked up Pernod Ricard's results by mistake. Profits from its spirits and wine division up 9% (£207m to £225m); the overall group's profits up 16%; and Allied's finance director, Graham Hetherington's startling news that "for the first time, the international QSR (quick service restaurants) business has traded without any losses."

USA: Wine and Co Announce Launch of Trade Web site

2 May 2000

Wine and Co today announced the launch of their new trade web site, which is dedicated to hotels, restaurants, pubs and caterers. This new web site is the first to offer a traditional service online and will sell a huge range 'restaurant friendly' wines at excellent prices and will feature useful information on buying and selling wines to the public. Wineandco have strong links to the wine industry and brands available on site include Alois Lageder, Chandon de Briallies, Baron de Montesquieu, Deakin, D'Arenberg,Champagne Pannier, Latour, Bruno Paillard and Schoffit.The trade web site is accessible by visiting the consumer home page at

USA: Paul Masson Grande Amber Brandy Sells One Million Cases in 12 Months

11 Apr 2000

Canandaigua Wine Company today announced that Paul Masson Grande Amber brandy reached the one million case mark over the past 12 months, a position enjoyed by fewer than 40 spirit brands in the U.S. What makes this achievement even more remarkable is that it was accomplished just five years after the brand was relaunched.

The UK grocery home shopping sector is worth £130 million pa, and this figure is expected to increase into the region of £820 million pa by 2001

17 Mar 2000

The Internet economy has transformed the way we all do business, and eFood is becoming hotter than ever, affecting the way food companies trade with businesses and consumers alike. The Internet provides a great opportunity for building one-to-one relationships with consumers, but also means more competition in the marketplace. There has been a surge of food and beverage corporations trading online - with enormous success. Consumers are busy, and if they can shop from the ease of their own home or office, rather than battle with everyone else's trolley around the supermarket, kids screaming down their ear - which do you think they'll choose? This is also becoming the trend for trading business to business, saving time and money is certainly something they can't afford to miss out on.

E-business is the future

14 Feb 2000

IBM has warned consumer packaged goods(CPG) companies to embrace e-business - or face the consequences. The IT giant says that companies mustwholeheartedly embrace the new world of e-business, or face severe consequences rangingfrom take-overs to the forced departure of senior managers.

Much Ado about Nothing - Aspartame?

31 Jan 2000

Food makes news, and the public's appetite for information is incessant. With the advent of the Internet, breaking stories or rumours are available on a world-wide scale within seconds. It's a superb source of information, but also one to be handled with care. A recent campaign on the web talks of Aspartame, and contains many unfounded allegations, accusing this product of causing several illnesses from Multiple Sclerosis through to Alzheimer's Disease! Eufic's aim is to provide you with science-based information, and as Aspartame would seem to be the 'flavour' of the month, it is time to recall the basics.

Carbohydrates and Nutrition

21 Jan 2000

There have been major advances in theunderstanding of how carbohydrates influence human nutrition and health in recent years.Progress in scientific research has highlighted the diverse functions of carbohydrates inthe body and their importance in the promotion of good health. In fact, there is so muchgood news that it is time to take a closer look at carbohydrates.

More Supplier Choice than Customer Choice

15 Sep 1999

Using Category Management To Dominate TheShelf Across Europe the battle for the hearts andminds of supermarket shoppers is starting way before products hit the shelves. The buyingdecision as to which brand of baked beans ends up in the shopping basket is being made asa result of how the supermarkets and its suppliers interact. Increasingly, it is businessdecision in this area that decides which brands go in the basket, because if it's noton the shelf, it won't be in the basket.

ECR - increasing transparency, will enabling technologies be a key to success?

8 Mar 1999

Through the eyes of many European andinternational onlookers, economic development is characterized by restrained consumptionand an increasing concentration which has been the direct result of increasing mergers andcompany takeovers. Relations between manufacturers, industry and vendors have becomestrained to an extent that is now becoming counter-productive. Every market participant,every sector and every individual is trying to optimize their business processes toachieve specific objectives. This constantly results in an ineffective supply chain and abusiness that is not taking advantage of the opportunities available. The formula to evadethis vicious circle is cooperation rather than confrontation and the concept of EfficientConsumer Response (ECR). In essence, this concept is common sense with a brand nameattached to it.

Global e-commerce and the alcohol industry

25 Jan 1999

A meeting of the Global Electronic DataInterchange (GEDI) Standards Maintenance Committee (SMC) took place in July 1997, inChicago. It was attended by Robert Buchanan of United Distillers, who is the Chairpersonof the International Commerce Working Group of the Alcohol Beverage Industry (ABI) EDIGroup; and by Susan Hilaski, ABI EDI Group Co-ordinator. The committee's aim is toincorporate ABI's business requirements with the GEDI Guidelines Book. Severalinternational messages were reviewed, and were successfully incorporated into the book.

Improving product life cycle profitability

24 Jan 1999

Improving Product Life Cycleprofitability A few years ago pasta came in two formsonly: dried spaghetti and tinned spaghetti. Today supermarkets offer an immense array offresh tagliatelle, fettucine, ravioli, tortellini and a myriad of other types, plus anever increasing choice of ready-made fresh sauces. But who knows for how much longer thefascination with Italian food will last? After all, both the consumer and the retailer arealways hungry for innovation. Local and international legislation and environmental issuestoo, exert pressure on manufacturers to replace existing products with more interesting,new alternatives.

Managing transport and distribution costs

28 Dec 1998

The bigissue: increasing revenues while controlling costs. One of the key challenges for manybusinesses is to increase profitability by increasing revenues and controlling costs.Companies with a logistics process at the heart of their operations see this as anopportunity to achieve both. By meeting customers' supply needs more accurately andefficiently, they can make it impossible for customers to move their businesses elsewhere.Therefore, they improve customer loyalty and boost revenues. By removing inefficienciesfrom their own processes, they control costs.





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