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Pernod Ricard on course for sales growth in fiscal year as Q3 recovers - results data

22 Apr 2021

Pernod Ricard is the latest brand owner to have enjoyed a strong sales bounceback in the first three months of 2021, with the group's top-line leaping by almost 20%.

Pernod Ricard in year-to-date fiscal-2021 - results preview

20 Apr 2021

On Thursday, Pernod Ricard will announce the results from the first nine months of its fiscal-2021. The numbers, to the end of March, have as their base a 3.9% sales decline from the six months to the end of December. Here's a look at the news that is likely to have shaped Pernod's performance in its Q3 reporting period.

Is Plymouth Gin the unluckiest spirits brand ever? - comment

23 Mar 2021

Our unaged spirits commentator is in gin again this month. Richard Woodard casts his eye over Plymouth gin, a brand with an enviable history - or an unfortunate one, depending on how you look at it.

Pernod Ricard in H2 2020 - results preview

10 Feb 2021

On Thursday, Pernod Ricard will announce its results for the final six months of 2020, the group's fiscal-first-half. Late last year, the company reported a 5.6% fall in sales from the three months to the end of September. Here's a look at the news that is likely to have shaped Pernod's performance in the three months to the end of December.

Pernod Ricard rolls out recycled glass Absolut bottle

2 Feb 2021

Pernod Ricard has launched a bottle made from 60% recycled glass for its Absolut vodka brand.

Diageo teams with Big Sean for Don Julio New Year's Eve competition

18 Dec 2020

Diageo has lined up a New Year's Eve-themed activation for its Don Julio Tequila brand in the US, fronted by rapper Big Sean.

The spirits category in 2020 - just-drinks' Review of the Year, Part III - FREE TO ACCESS

15 Dec 2020

COVID-19 dominated 2020, a year that will be forever linked to the novel coronavirus that has killed millions and brought parts of the world to a virtual standstill. For the spirits industry, business for a long time to come will be split into pre- and post-COVID, partly because of the unprecedented disruption but also because of the major trends and new consumer drivers set in action by the global pandemic.

Absolut readies worldwide online New Year's Eve party

27 Nov 2020

Pernod Ricard has announced a global New Year’s Eve live stream party as part of Absolut’s "It's in our Spirit" campaign.

How to tailor your spirits marketing to the consumer of today - and tomorrow - comment

26 Nov 2020

Virtue signalling is a very easy hole to fall down when it comes to marketing spirits brands - particularly today with the hyper-connected consumer. However, category commentator Richard Woodard believes he has found an activation that skirts the hole and ticks all the 21st Century spirits brand boxes.

Whiskey boom and vodka slide? How US wholesalers view the next six months - analysis

19 Nov 2020

The global beverage industry is approaching the first anniversary of the coronavirus impact, dating back to the first effects in China back in January. Despite the distance, the outlook still remains clouded, with spiking infection rates in some parts of the world and fresh lockdowns adding to the complexity.

Has COVID vaccine turned us from bears to bulls, have company presentations lost their fun and has 'innovation' become a dirty word? - The just-drinks Analyst

17 Nov 2020

The recent announcements of a vaccine for COVID-19 have got in-house analyst Ian Shackleton all a-flutter. Should we be concerned, though, that he's now worried about the end of bears, the end of company pizzazz and the end of innovation efforts in the beverages industry?

Pernod Ricard unveils global Absolut campaign - video

4 Nov 2020

Pernod Ricard has launched a global Absolut vodka campaign that targets Gen Z consumers.

Pernod Ricard retires home cocktail concept Opn

3 Nov 2020

Pernod Ricard has shelved its at-home cocktail project, Opn, after years of delays.

How to win in vodka in the US - A history lesson - comment

1 Oct 2020

Vodka is one of the most competitive spirits categories out there and only more so in the US. Want to get ahead? Well, according to white spirits commentator Richard Woodard, you'll have to look backwards to move forwards.

Absolut returns to US TV with presidential election-themed message - just-drinks comment

25 Sep 2020

The US division of Pernod Ricard has lined up a marketing push for Absolut vodka, with the brand's first TV spot in the country for three years set to encourage consumers to vote in November's presidential election.

Corporate Social Responsibility activations around the world - The IARD Digest - September 2020

18 Sep 2020

Once a month, the drinks industry-funded International Alliance for Responsible Drinking, which covers alcohol policies worldwide, reviews some of the alcohol industry's recent CSR activities. Here's a look at what's been going on in recent weeks.

Pernod Ricard Performance Trends 2016-2020 - results data

17 Sep 2020

Earlier this month, Pernod Ricard reported a 9.5% fall in sales from the 12 months to the end of June 2020. The decline was slightly sharper than rival Diageo, which saw its top-line slide 8% over the same period. Here, just-drinks considers the group's performance in fiscal-2020 and over the preceding four years.

Pernod Ricard to scale up Absolut paper bottles "as soon as possible"

9 Sep 2020

Pernod Ricard is looking to accelerate its distribution of new paper bottles, which are set for consumer trials before the end of the year.

Absolut boss Anna Malmhake bids farewell to Pernod Ricard

4 Sep 2020

The head of Pernod Ricard's Absolut vodka division has left the group, just-drinks has learned.

Fourth-quarter slump undoes healthy H1 for Pernod Ricard in fiscal-2020 - results data

2 Sep 2020

Pernod Ricard has followed the wider trend of delivering slight growth in the first half of its fiscal-2020 before the coronavirus pandemic ravaged performance in H2.

Pernod Ricard creates UK experiential marketing post

3 Aug 2020

The UK division of Pernod Ricard has promoted Estelle Martin into the newly-created role of head of experiential & consumer activation.

Diageo, Pepsico, Unilever ready plastic-free bottle for 2021

13 Jul 2020

Diageo has teamed up with PepsiCo and Unilever on a rival project to Carlsberg, The Coca-Cola Co and Pernod Ricard's to scale up the roll-out of paper-based bottles.

Pernod Ricard names ex-PepsiCo, Walt Disney VP as North America CMO

16 Jun 2020

The North America division of Pernod Ricard has appointed a former PepsiCo and Walt Disney executive as CMO in a senior staffing shake-up at the unit.

Diageo's Haig Club RTD range - Product Launch

10 Jun 2020

Diageo has thrown the Haig Club Scotch whisky brand into the RTD category.

Pernod Ricard lines up Absolut Rainbow limited-edition bottle

2 Jun 2020

Pernod Ricard has partnered with an LGBT rights charity to create a new Absolut vodka bottle in Canada.

Brown-Forman's Jack Daniel's canned cocktails & hard seltzer - Product Launch

1 Jun 2020

Brown-Forman has launched a range of RTD cocktails under the Jack Daniel's brand, including a hard seltzer.

Pernod Ricard rolls out Absolut campaign to support UK artists

29 May 2020

Pernod Ricard has asked ten UK artists to create a new Absolut vodka bottle, and will document the process for a new social media marketing campaign.

Pernod Ricard's Absolut Vodka Sodas, Absolut Cocktails - Product Launch

21 May 2020

Pernod Ricard has launched two new Absolut sparkling RTDs - a range of vodka sodas and a range of canned cocktails.

Crystal Head Vodka hitches wagon to LGBT+ with limited-edition Pride bottle

14 May 2020

Globefill is lining up the annual release of a limited edition pack offering for its Crystal Head Vodka brand.

Corporate Social Responsibility activations around the world - The IARD Digest - March 2020 - CORONAVIRUS SPECIAL

25 Mar 2020

Once a month, the drinks industry-funded International Alliance for Responsible Drinking, which covers alcohol policies worldwide, reviews some of the alcohol industry's recent CSR activities. This month, we look at companies' efforts to help curb the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19.





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