The UK-based among you may have witnessed the Guinness takeover of the ad-break in The Jonathan Ross Show late last month. Reaction to the three-minute mock-talk show has been overwhelmingly grim.

The ad might also serve as a lesson to brand owner Diageo.

Here is a brand with a formidable reputation when it comes to marketing.

Remember this ad?

And, who can forget this multi award-winning outing?

So, it's alarming that an ad like last month's wasn't clocked by Diageo as being a stinker before it hit the screen. Have a look for yourself.

You may recall my views earlier this year on Arthur's Day, the annual shindig for Guinness that has, in my opinion, outstayed its welcome. Couple that with this ad, and it seems to be the case that someone at Diageo is afraid to say 'no'.