Okay, but its better than First Drinks

Okay, but it's better than 'First Drinks'

Changing a company's name – or a brand's name, for that matter – is a dangerous game. But, in this Search Engine Optimisation age, sometimes the need to change is so great that the risk has to be taken.

At a press conference in London yesterday evening (10 July), First Drinks announced that it was changing its name. The company is the UK sales, marketing and distribution division of William Grant & Sons. The new name, then – William Grant & Sons UK – may not be the most imaginative moniker, but it sure as hell beats 'First Drinks'.

While it could be argued that Diageo picked an obscure name when it came into being in 1997 – the company still has to give its phonetic spelling at the end of press releases – the name works because a) it's not the name of a particular brand in the portfolio, and b) it doesn't apply to anything else whatsoever.

First Drinks, along with the equally terribly-named The Company of Wine People, is the kind of name that an internet search engine would go crazy over. Stick 'Diageo' into Google (other search engines are available), and the first option that comes up will be the company's corporate website.

You can talk as much as you like about a company's – or brand's – history, provenance or sense of tradition, but in the 21st Century, your consumers will find it easier to find you if you make yourself easy to find.