Well, it appears that BrewDog's addiction to controversy is alive and (un)well. But, at least, the UK company's latest move has a more valid – albeit slightly bigger and more frightening – target in its sights.

In the six years that we've been reporting on the craft brewer, I've always been taken aback by its machinations. As well as its regular run-ins with UK alcohol industry body The Portman Group (the company's first appearance on just-drinks!), BrewDog has also caused a rumpus with its attempts to produce stronger and stronger beers. Then there was the extraordinary, and extra-public spat with Diageo – although BrewDog certainly had a valid point there.

I've always found the company's provocative approach to its beers and their marketing to be more a case of rattling the cage for the sake of it, rather than an innovative, exciting approach to engaging with its public and – more importantly – its peers. Was this petulance all we were ever going to get?

Hopefully, that petulance ends today, with the launch of Hello My Name is Vladimir, BrewDog's latest understated beer. The product, which still packs a punch at 8.2%, is a 'protest beer', which is highlighting the endorsement of anti-homosexual laws implemented in Russia last year by its president, Vladimir Putin.

“This beer is our first foray into controversy with a cause greater than our own,” said BrewDog today. 

Finally; a cause I can sign up to. Enough with the inter-industry and the Portman Group baiting, I say.

Just don't expect Russian sales to take off anytime soon.