Caution: Generation Emoji at work

Caution: Generation Emoji at work

Late last week, Pernod Ricard's Chivas Brothers division launched an online campaign with its Ballantine's Scotch whisky brand to create a whisky emoji.

You do know what an emoji is, right? 

The low-key, tongue-in-cheek push has clearly been designed to appeal to the younger whisky drinkers out there – well, those who know what an emoji actually is, at least. Consumers are encouraged to visit a Ballantine's-headed landing page and tweet photos of themselves demanding the creation of an emoji that symbolises whisky.

Now, I'm no aged, traditional purist when it comes to Scotch: covering the business side of the drinks industry reminds me on a daily basis of the importance of engaging with the younger consumers that are coming through. We Generation X-ers, the baby-boomers before us and the millenials after us won't be around for as long as Generation Emoji. So, it's good to see Pernod look to engage with the digital-savvy, albeit – in this instance - in this light-hearted way.

Where this does come unstuck for me is that - at 42 - I struggle to engage in any way with emojis. I hate "LOL", I shudder when I hear “like” being used as a sentence break, and I swear more at my 'phone than I do at any other object – inanimate or otherwise.

Does this new campaign, then, signify that Ballantine's is a whisky that is no longer for the likes of me? Or, is Pernod hoping I'll step up to Chivas Regal now?