The headlines today (3 May) may suggest that minimum unit pricing is on its way in Scotland. But, for those in our industry who oppose the proposal, there's no need to panic yet. There's still a way to go.

First up, the appeal of the decision, which will be filed by the Scotch Whisky Association and SpiritsEurope to name but two opposers, will be lodged with the inner house of the Scottish Court of Session in the coming days. Unlike the court in session that dismissed the opposition to the Government's MUP proposal this morning, the inner house appeal will be heard by three judges as opposed to one.

Should that appeal fail, then it's down to London for the Supreme Court to hear the matter.

The final hurdle, if the Supreme Court also finds in MUP's favour, is in Brussels, where the European Court of Justice will cast the final die.

Things are certainly more colourful after today's ruling, but they are very far from final.