The Launch Pad - Product Launches

The Launch Pad - Product Launches

Here's where we bring together all of the product launches covered on just-drinks.

Utmost Brands' Grown-up Soda Sparking Cocktail Mixers - Product Launch 9 Dec 2016

Utmost brands will launch a line of cocktail mixers under its Grown-up Sodas brand. The range includes four flavours: Mojito, Moscow Mule, Sparkling Cosmo and Tonic & Lime. 

Sazerac Co's Corazón Tequila Expresiones del Corazón 2016 - Product Launch 8 Dec 2016

New Orleans-based Sazerac Co has released four Tequilas as part of its Expresiones del Corazón range for 2016.

Hop Pop Soda Co's Hop Pop Soda - Product Launch 7 Dec 2016

Chicago-based "soda collective" Hop Pop Soda Co has launched a soft drink that is flavoured with hops.

Edrington's The Macallan Edition No 2 - Product Launch 6 Dec 2016

Edrington has launched the second in the Edition series of iterations of its The Macallan single malt Scotch whisky.

Molson Coors & Camel Valley Vineyard's Camel Valley Pilsner – Product Launch 6 Dec 2016

The Molson Coors-owned UK craft brewer Sharp's Brewery has teamed up with English winemaker Camel Valley to launch a limited-edition Pilsner.

Gigglewater Wines' Gigglewater range - Product Launch 2 Dec 2016

Gigglewater Wines has launched a "lifestyle-led" sparkling wine range designed to appeal to Millennials and female consumers. 

Jones Soda's Wiz’s Energizing Elixir Final Fantasy XV soda - Product Launch 1 Dec 2016

Jones Soda has partnered publisher Square Enix to release a limited edition Final Fantast XV-themed soda. 

Boilermaker Drinks Co's SeaWolf rum - Product Launch 30 Nov 2016

Scottish drinks company Boilermaker has produced a white rum. The company claims the rum is the first of its kind to be produced in Scotland. 

Mountain Laurel Spirits' Dad's Hat Maple Syrup Barrel-Aged Rye - Product Launch 29 Nov 2016

Mountain Laurel Spirits' Pennsylvania distillery Dad's Hat has partnered a maple syrup producer to create a maple syrup barrel-aged rye. The limited release will be available at the distillery from 1 December. 

Arbikie Highland Estate's Arbikie Strawberry Vodka - Product Launch 28 Nov 2016

Scottish distillery Arbikie Highland Estate has launched a strawberry vodka ahead of the Christmas period.

International Beverage Holdings' Old Pulteney 35 Year Old Single Malt - Product Launch 28 Nov 2016

International Beverage Holdings has announced the second release of its 35-year-old expression. The first release, which has now sold out, was in 2014. 

Britvic's The London Essence Co mixer range - Product Launch 28 Nov 2016

Britvic's adult beverage unit, Wisehead Productions, has released its second innovation - a range of stevia-and-sugar-based spirits mixers under the The London Essence Co name.

Big Drop Brewing Co's Chocolate Milk Stout - Product Launch 28 Nov 2016

A UK brewery dedicated to low-alcohol beer has released its first product. Big Drop Brewing Co has rolled out a Chocolate Milk Stout to the UK market. 

Aston Manor's Friels Hop Infused Vintage Cider - Product Launch 25 Nov 2016

Aston Manor has launched a cider infused with hops. Friels Hop Infused Vintage Cider features 2015 first-press vintage cider infused with a blend of Challenger, Archer and Sterling hops.

Halewood Wines & Spirits' Whitley Neill Quince Gin - Product Launch 24 Nov 2016

Halewood Wines & Spirits has claimed a UK first with the launch of its Whitley Neill Quince Gin. 

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