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Research in Focus

A look at the latest research, available in the just-drinks store.

How will the coming years treat the gin segment? - Research in Focus 12 Jul 2018

As the global gin bandwagon rolls on, growth is set to continue in the vast majority of markets around the world – although the US is yet to fulfil its potential.

How can organic juice grow its share of the global soft drinks market? - Research in Focus 29 May 2018

The organic movement started at a grassroots level, led by consumers. It has never been a core business for multinationals.

The march towards premium brown spirits - Research in Focus 1 May 2018

In an interesting transition that summarises many of the changes brought on by Millennials, the alcohol industry has been changing rapidly in the last few years. Quality is indeed more important than quantity, particularly in spirits.

Can rum walk the line between fun and serious? - Research in Focus 8 Mar 2018

Once hailed as the 'next big thing' in the spirits industry, rum has underachieved in recent times on the global stage - but the sector could yet fulfil its potential over the next few years.

How is the future shaping up for Cognac and Brandy? - Research in Focus 13 Feb 2018

Although global brandy sales have been generally flat over the past five years, this disguises the continued momentum for Cognac consumption and a premiumisation trend that permeates the entire category. According to the Global Cognac & Brandy Insights 2018 report from just-drinks and The IWSR, the Cognac category has recovered from the impact of austerity measures in China, posting renewed gains in the market as it begins to normalise.

How the future is shaping up for RTDs & cider - Research in Focus 17 Jan 2018

Emerging markets increasingly hold the key to the future of the global RTD sector, but operators will need to display continued innovation and nimble reactions to fast-changing trends if they are to succeed.

How will the next five years treat the global vodka sector? - Research in Focus 18 Dec 2017

The global vodka category continues to experience mixed fortunes, with overall volumes persistently declining, but continued opportunities for higher-priced products, according to the latest joint report from just-drinks and the IWSR.

How will Scotch whisky perform in the next five years? - Research in Focus 27 Nov 2017

After a tough period since 2012, the global Scotch whisky market is facing a brighter future over the next five years – but there are still concerns about the category's lack of dynamism compared to its rivals.

What does the future hold for the global gin category? - Research in Focus 2 Nov 2017

The continuing global gin boom is beginning to shift and evolve, with growth accelerating in second-tier markets across Western Europe and beyond, according to the latest Global Gin Insights report from just-drinks and the IWSR.

What are the growth prospects like for international whisk(e)y? - Research in Focus 26 Sep 2017

The robust growth of the huge international whisk(e)y category is set to continue in the coming years, driven by generational shifts, helpful cultural associations and the dominant (in volume terms) Indian whisky category. But, after hitting 307m cases in volume sales in 2016 and adding more than 46m cases over the past five years, growth will moderate slightly in the 2016-2021 period, reaching 350m-plus cases at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of +2.9%.

Cocktail culture gives ginger ale new lease of life, while other carbonated segments fizzle out - Research in Focus 20 Jul 2017

Every year since 2008, retail volumes of ginger ale have grown faster globally than CSDs overall. This trend is set to continue and, in the years between now and 2021, ginger ale will grow faster than every other sector of carbonates, with the exception of seltzers.

Slide goes on for flavoured spirits, but opportunities remain - Research in Focus 6 Jun 2017

The global flavoured spirits market remains in the midst of a slow, long-term decline, according to research released this week, but the diversity of the 150m-case-plus category creates a complex picture that defies easy generalisations.

Blip belies Champagne & sparkling wine's healthy future - Research in Focus 3 Apr 2017

There are good times ahead for sparkling wine producers all over the world, including Champagne, according to the latest joint just-drinks/IWSR Global Insights report – with non-Champagne fizz set for dramatic growth. At first glance, that might look surprising. After all, overall sparkling wine consumption (including Champagne) only expanded by 0.3% in 2015, with Champagne bucking the recent trend by outperforming its global competition.

Naturally healthy - The next wave of growth for soft drinks - Research in Focus 30 Mar 2017

Recent research by Euromonitor International into the health & wellness trend in soft drinks shows that the description of 'natural' is very much a self-governed practice: There is not yet any conclusive and scientific definition for the term. The lack of a clear definition is causing confusion and harming the trustworthiness of natural claims.

The soft drinks trends shaping the year ahead - Research in Focus 10 Feb 2017

For the soft drinks industry as a whole, 2016 proved to be a year of changing consumer attitudes and aggressive innovation to meet new consumer needs.

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