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Research in Focus

A look at the latest research, available in the just-drinks store.

Research in Focus - Good Times Ahead for the Rum Sector 24 Mar 2015

For a long time seen as something of a poor relation in the spirits world, the rum category is identified as the "next big thing" in the global spirits market in a new IWSR/just-drinks report.

Research in Focus - Global Brewers’ 2014 Results: Champions and Disappointments 19 Mar 2015

Global beer market volume sales in 2014 were forecast to grow by 2%, according to Euromonitor International, primarily driven by the top five global brewers, which account for 48% of global sales.

Research in Focus - Bottled Water in 2015: The Many Faces of Hydration 25 Feb 2015

With global sales forecast to exceed US$214bn in 2015, bottled water will trail only carbonates in terms of total RSP value. Still bottled water alone ($155bn forecast for 2015) should eclipse the juice category ($153bn) thanks largely to an expected total value growth of $10.5bn in emerging and developing countries.

Research in Focus - Mike’s Hard Lemonade Could Be a Hard Sell 23 Feb 2015

Earlier this month, Mark Anthony Group hung up the “For Sale” sign at its 14-year-old RTD beverage subsidiary Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co.

Research in Focus - World whiskies market expanding on numerous fronts 17 Feb 2015

As diversity is what defines the non-Scotch whisky segment, it is subject to numerous and sometimes contrasting trends across the different whisk(e)y-producing countries. Nevertheless, while the category may represent a wide-ranging patchwork of national products, the trends in the key individual countries all appear to be pointing upwards, with a new IWSR/just-drinks report suggesting future growth is assured for the sector for the five-year period up to 2019.

Research in Focus - Drinks market's 'fast fashion' sector continues to grow through smart innovation 14 Jan 2015

If adaptability and versatility are key strengths in today's fast-moving drinks market, there is arguably one category which carries all before it. Indeed, a new just-drinks/The IWSR report describes pre-mixes as the "fast fashion" sector of the alcoholic drinks market.

Research in Focus - Vodka Brands Look to Rediscover their Mojo 25 Nov 2014

After decades of rampaging growth, the vodka sector has more recently been enduring the unfamiliar experience of feeling a little left behind.

Research in Focus - Fading Recovery, Fresh Downside Risks and Hidden Potential 19 Nov 2014

Fresh geopolitical, macroeconomic and legislative headwinds are hitting emerging markets once hailed as the engine securing the global alcoholic drinks industry’s relative resilience. At the same time, western markets are battling lingering maturity while going through a transformational stage in terms of shifting drinking patterns, innovation initiatives and opportunities presented by the millennial generation coming of age. Euromonitor's senior alcoholic drinks analyst, Spiros Malandrakis, deconstructs the industry’s key regional narratives, highlighting key learning’s from across the globe.

Research in Focus - The Five Biggest Trends in FMCG in the Next Five Years 7 Nov 2014

A new report by Canadean analyses future trend scenarios for the FMCG sector, identifying the best opportunities in consumer markets over the next five years. Ronan Stafford, analyst at Canadean, explains why emerging economies will play such a huge role in the years to come.

Research in Focus - Opportunity Waiting: Beers Beyond Lager 6 Nov 2014

In 2013, beer alternatives generated 13bn litres of volume sales and US$58bn in sales revenue, according to Euromonitor International. This is small when compared to the respective standard lager sizes of 182bn litres and US$583bn.

Research in Focus - English Gin Breaks Away From its Core Markets 27 Oct 2014

Consumption of English gin - excluding consumption in India and the Philippines, which both consist almost entirely of local economy brands - has been dominated by three core markets: the US, Spain and the UK.

Research in Focus - Will Coca-Cola Life and Pepsi True Damage Perceptions of Stevia? 21 Oct 2014

Amidst the much-publicised decline of both regular and reduced sugar carbonates, The Coca-Cola Co and PepsiCo have confirmed plans to launch stevia-based cola carbonates (Coca Cola Life and Pepsi True) in the US.

Research in Focus - Race to Innovate Blurs Drinks Category Lines 15 Oct 2014

The increasingly fast-paced rise and fall of trends is having a major impact on the global drinks market. Consumers have begun not only to expect, but also demand, the continued innovation of categories and products, according to the IWSR’s Global Trends Report 2014.

Research in Focus - Liquid Water Enhancers: Unclear Positioning Causes Challenge for Manufacturers 14 Oct 2014

Following its successful emergence in the US beverage market as a result of high levels of investment from major companies such as Kraft and The Coca-Cola Co, the liquid water enhancer category has been introduced in the UK.

Research in Focus - Emerging markets key to Scotch whisky growth 7 Oct 2014

As the Scotch whisky industry en masse breathes a long - if discreet - sigh of relief that the Scottish National Party failed to carry the day in the country's independence referendum last month, it will be pondering how to return what is one of the country's key export earners swiftly back to growth.

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