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Research in Focus

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Latin America drops CSDs for RTD tea - Research in Focus 3 May 2016

Ready-to-drink tea is overwhelmingly consumed in Asia, which was responsible for over three-quarters of all global sales for the segment last year. However, the region's dominance of total volume sales should not distract from the fact that RTD teas are expected to grow in all of the world's regions in the years ahead. Of those other regions, Latin America stands out, with a projected 5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in volumes between 2015 and 2020.

US whiskey profiting from flavourable conditions – Research in Focus 30 Mar 2016

Scotch whisky producers may be agonising over whether flavoured variants offer an effective means of recruiting new consumers and driving growth, but their counterparts on the other side of the Atlantic have no such qualms. Indeed, it is the success that flavoured US whiskey brands and spiced rums have had that has prompted Scotch companies to try the flavoured route, even though they are not permitted to call such products 'Scotch whisky'.

What does the term 'natural' actually mean to consumers? - Research in Focus 23 Mar 2016

'Natural' might be the most popular claim included across new product launches in soft drinks. In fact, last month at the CAGNY investor conference in Florida, The Coca-Cola Co cited 'natural' as one of its six key consumer preferences and trends - along with portion control, sugar reduction and other tactics - to achieve renewed growth across its portfolio.

Will value-sharing in Travel Retail become reality? - Research in Focus 3 Feb 2016

There is future growth aplenty on offer in the Travel Retail channel, but a new report suggests a reappraisal of the traditional relationship between suppliers, operators and airport authorities would be of huge benefit to drinks brands going forward.

2016's consumer will drive 'less, but better' drinks trend - Research in Focus 4 Jan 2016

As economic cycles turn, consumers begin spending more freely and so it has proved as major economies have emerged from the economic crisis. In drinks categories, the premiumisation trend is therefore once more fuelling growth. According to a new just-drinks report, however, the deep and sustained global recession has left its mark on consumers and, in particular, on how they make premium purchasing decisions.

Product innovation puts sparkling wine on more assertive footing - Research in Focus 19 Oct 2015

It has never been entirely clear whether the gulf between Champagne and other sparkling wines is down to an inferiority complex on the part of the latter or the superiority complex of the former. 

Untapped premiumisation offers spirits growth potential - Research in Focus 24 Aug 2015

Premiumisation has been such a critical trend and driver in the spirits sector that it is hard to imagine there are sectors where it has so far been under-exploited. However, a new report from The IWSR and just drinks suggests there are a number of spirits categories that still remain under-premiumised.

Why are Energy Drinks Failing in South Korea? - Research in Focus 13 Aug 2015

South Korean consumers are not engaging with energy drinks at the same level as the country's neighbours in South-East Asia.

Research in Focus - Coffee Craze Could Yet Drive Liqueurs 9 Jun 2015

The diverse liqueurs category has been becalmed in recent years, but the very diversity of the sector means that, while some areas might be declining, other areas are almost certain to be showing some growth.

Research in Focus - Cider/Perry: Adapts, Evolves & Grows 1 Jun 2015

The cider/perry market has witnessed phenomenal developments in the last ten years, making it the World's fastest-growing alcoholic drinks category, in volume terms.

Research In Focus - The Beer Engine that is Africa 20 May 2015

Africa is the final frontier for beer, according to Euromonitor International’s latest global briefing 'Africa: The Final Frontier for Beer'.

Research in Focus - Alcoholic Drinks in 2014: Subdued, Uneven and Precarious 13 May 2015

Volume growth for alcoholic drinks globally remains subdued for a second year running and, at merely 0.8% for 2014, last year is set to be amongst the three lowest over the past decade.

Research in Focus - Could Tequila Benefit from Craft and Bourbon Bounce? 20 Apr 2015

Already one of the healthiest spirits categories, the Tequila sector is benefiting from two significant external factors in its prime market, according to a new IWSR/just-drinks report, namely the boom in craft distilling and the current resurgence of the American whiskey category.

Research in Focus - Good Times Ahead for the Rum Sector 24 Mar 2015

For a long time seen as something of a poor relation in the spirits world, the rum category is identified as the "next big thing" in the global spirits market in a new IWSR/just-drinks report.

Research in Focus - Global Brewers’ 2014 Results: Champions and Disappointments 19 Mar 2015

Global beer market volume sales in 2014 were forecast to grow by 2%, according to Euromonitor International, primarily driven by the top five global brewers, which account for 48% of global sales.

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