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just On Call

We report back from drinks companies' conference calls post-results announcement.

just On Call - Ethiopia competition to remain "intense" - Diageo 26 Mar 2015

Diageo expects to see “intense price competition” continue in Ethiopia as new products emerge, but is “optimistic” for its future in the country, according to its Africa unit president.

just On Call - Pernod Ricard takes positives from China Cognac bounce 26 Mar 2015

Pernod Ricard's Asia head has said the unit is on track in China after a better-than-expected Chinese New Year saw Cognac volumes improve.

just On Call - Gruppo Campari upbeat on Wild Turkey despite tough 2014 12 Mar 2015

The head of Gruppo Campari has admitted that the performance of Wild Turkey was its one disappointment in 2014, but is predicting bigger things from the Bourbon brand this year.

just On Call - Stock Spirits keen to buy, despite M&A stall 12 Mar 2015

The head of Stock Spirits has reiterated his disappointment at the company's failure to land an acquisition last year, but has maintained that the firm is still conducting negotiations.

just on Call - SABMiller steps up Africa spirits focus 9 Mar 2015

SABMiller is upping its focus on the “huge opportunity” for mainstream spirits in Africa by targeting more countries on the continent, and aims to help “legitimise” the category.

just On Call - Brown-Forman CFO sees the positives in Russia 4 Mar 2015

The CFO of Brown-Forman has offered hope to Russia's alcohol market, claiming that the company is "doing pretty well" in the challenging country.

just on Call - Treasury Wine Estates has "lot of work to do" in US - CEO 3 Mar 2015

The CEO of Treasury Wine Estates has admitted there is still a “lot of work” for the group to do in the US, despite seeing healthy growth for its higher-end brands.

just On Call - Australia slowdown blots strong Q4 for Monster Beverage Corp 2 Mar 2015

Monster Beverage Corp's CEO has blamed a weaker Australia for a Q4 sales slowdown in Asia but said Japan continues to grow.

just On Call - US beer looks better for 2015 - Anheuser-Busch InBev CEO 26 Feb 2015

Anheuser-Busch InBev's CEO has said he is confident the US beer market will continue to improve this year.

just On Call - Cott Corp CEO predicts end of "value destructive" pricing 26 Feb 2015

US soft drinks companies will continue to increase their per-litre prices after realising that low prices have been damaging the industry, the head of Cott Corp has said.

just On Call - SodaStream's new platform has "everything but a back rub" - CEO 26 Feb 2015

SodaStream is to raise the stakes in the battle for the home carbonation market with a platform that dispenses both hot and cold drinks.

just On Call - CSD sales set to shine as consumers dig deeper - Coca-Cola Co CEO 23 Feb 2015

The CEO of Coca-Cola Co has said the next decade will provide a “tremendous” growth opportunity for sparkling beverages, as global consumers prove willing to pay more for them.

just On Call - "It takes two to tango" on Germany - Coca-Cola Enterprises CEO 20 Feb 2015

The head of Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) has said it “takes two to tango” when asked why his company is yet to buy Coca-Cola Co's German bottling franchise.

just On Call - PepsiCo eyes measured approach to home carbonation - CFO 20 Feb 2015

PepsiCo's CFO has said he expects the at-home carbonation category, which includes the Coca-Cola Co's newly-named Keurig Kold, to be a “slow build”.

just On Call - M&A "low priority" for Carlsberg - CEO 19 Feb 2015

Carlsberg's CEO has said M&A will be a “low priority” this year as the company reels from profits slumps in Russia and Ukraine.

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