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We report back from drinks companies' conference calls post-results announcement.

Crime crackdown hitting Carlsberg volumes in China - CEO Cees 't Hart 16 Aug 2019

Carlsberg's CEO has blamed an anti-crime crackdown on China's bars and karaoke venues for stifling growth of the brewer's flagship lager brand.

Coca-Cola HBC to put Costa Coffee machines in offices, public "hotspots" - CEO 12 Aug 2019

Coca-Cola HBC is to roll out Costa Coffee vending machines to offices, retail outlets and public places as part of plans for the coffee chain acquired by The Coca-Cola Co earlier this year.

Coke Energy will make Coke brand "edgier" - Coca-Cola European Partners CEO 9 Aug 2019

A new Coca-Cola energy drink will give the 133-year-old brand an "edgier aspect", the head of Coca-Cola European Partners has said.

Hard seltzer growth coming from outside beer - The Boston Beer Co CEO 30 Jul 2019

More than half of the people buying hard seltzers come from wine and spirits, the CEO of Truly-owner The Boston Beer Co has revealed.

Coca-Cola Energy not ready for US launch - The Coca-Cola Co CEO 24 Jul 2019

The head of The Coca-Cola Co has dismissed the prospect of an immediate launch for the recently-unveiled energy variant of its namesake brand in the US.

Brown-Forman eyes bigger bite of flavoured whiskies with Tennessee Apple launch 6 Jun 2019

The CEO of Brown-Forman has outlined high hopes for next year's Jack Daniel's Tennessee Apple launch, claiming that sales of flavoured whiskies in the US have overtaken flavoured vodkas.

Non-alcoholic aperitif launch "would be interesting" - Campari CEO 9 May 2019

The head of Campari Group has said the company is working on innovations in the non-alcoholic category, hinting that another zero-alcohol aperitif could be in the pipeline.

Anheuser-Busch InBev CEO Carlos Brito defends South Africa weakness 9 May 2019

Anheuser-Busch InBev has blamed a number of problems for its underperformance in South Africa, a market that was a key focus of the brewer's SABMiller takeover.

"Very important" that UK lager relaunch a success - Carlsberg CEO 3 May 2019

Carlsberg CEO Cees 't Hart has stressed the importance of a relaunch of its core UK lager as the brewer loses market share in the country.

Molson Coors keeps faith in new ordering system despite Golden brewery woes 2 May 2019

Molson Coors' US unit, MillerCoors, will continue an expansion of a new ordering platform that disrupted beer supplies when rolled out to its main Colorado brewery last year.

Molson Coors denies cannabis link to Canada beer volumes drop 2 May 2019

Molson Coors has said a volumes slump in Canada has not been caused by cannabis legalisation.

Cola still offering growth for The Coca-Cola Co in US - CEO 24 Apr 2019

The head of The Coca-Cola Co has hailed the ongoing success of the group's strategy in the cola sector in the US.

Constellation Brands readies Pacifico push - CEO 5 Apr 2019

Constellation Brands has lined up increased investment for its "up-and-comer" Mexican beer brand Pacifico in the US market.

Campari Group moves GlenGrant up the value chain, limits younger whisky sales 6 Mar 2019

Campari Group's GlenGrant Scotch whisky brand is in a period of "transition", according to the company, as it chases higher-value older age statement releases.

Coca-Cola Amatil eyes turnaround in Indonesia 22 Feb 2019

Executives at Coca-Cola Amatil have said the company remains positive around progress in Indonesia, despite economic factors dragging on full-year 2018 performance in the market.

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