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In the Spotlight - Who Can Rescue the Soda Makers?

20 February 2014

It was interesting to see Big Soda's contrasting reactions to more North American CSD volume falls in full year results this month.

In the Spotlight - 2014 Super Bowl Ad Showdown

3 February 2014

After the Denver Broncos were comprehensibly beaten by the Seattle Seahawks 43-8 in yesterday's Super Bowl, some suggested the team needn’t have shown up. Could the same have applied to advertisers?

In the Spotlight - Suntory Holdings' US$16bn "Gamble" on Beam Inc

16 January 2014

Suntory Holdings' corporate slogan is “Yatta Minahara”, which roughly translates as “go for it”, or “take a risk”, according to the New York Times.

In the Spotlight - Diageo's Whyte & Mackay Offer Heads Off UK Watchdogs

29 November 2013

One of the spirits industry's longer-running sagas gained an extra chapter this week when Diageo announced that it is willing to sell off a large chunk of Whyte & Mackay (W&M).

In the Spotlight - Drinks Firms Support Typhoon Haiyan Relief Efforts

15 November 2013

The final death count of Typhoon Haiyan, which hit the Philippines last week, is still a long way from being known. The relief effort is well underway, however, and drinks companies are among those that have moved to support those affected by the disaster.

In the Spotlight - Coca-Cola Co & PepsiCo's Q3

17 October 2013

The Coca-Cola Co and PepsiCo's third-quarter results both hit the pavement this week, with contrasting performances for the beverage rivals in their home market.

In the Spotlight - Treasury Wine Estates CEO stands down

27 September 2013

David Dearie, the head of Treasury Wine Estates who left the company this week, may derive some satisfaction from the thought that it was not a lack of ambition that led to his downfall.

In the Spotlight - Red Bull vs Redwell Brewing

15 August 2013

It was the turn this week of a small brewery in Norwich to wander blinking on to the nation's front pages, in a classic David-and-Goliath story that also fanned the Twitter flames. Though, as it turned out, not all was as it first seemed.

In the Spotlight - Mexico's beer market probe

12 July 2013

Just how good are Heineken and Anheuser-Busch InBev at sticking to their commitments? That's the question SABMiller will be asking itself this week after Mexico's competition authorities finally answered the brewer's long-standing plea to review its rivals' alleged monopolising of the country's beer market.

In the Spotlight - Coca-Cola Life

4 July 2013

There was an outbreak of eyebrow raising earlier this year when the Coca-Cola Co confirmed it was relaunching Sprite in the UK with some of the sugar replaced with stevia.

In the Spotlight - Turkey's Alcohol Crackdown

27 June 2013

As Turkish authorities kept watch over Taksim Square following a month of anti-government protests, the country's alcohol industry was bracing itself for its own crackdown.

In the Spotlight - Rémy Cointreau and Cognac's slowdown

13 June 2013

What China giveth, China also taketh away, was the lesson for Rémy Cointreau in its full-year results this week.

In the Spotlight - Brown-Forman's Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey

6 June 2013

It was Brown-Forman's “stellar year”, at least according to company CFO Don Berg.

In the Spotlight - Suntory's US$4.7bn Share Offer

30 May 2013

It is shaping up to be one of the drinks industry's biggest events of the year. This week, Suntory got approval to list its food and soft drinks unit on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, paving the way for the group to raise as much as US$4.7bn.

In the Spotlight - Britvic's plant closures and the AG Barr merger

24 May 2013

It has been a busy six months for Britvic - a merger with AG Barr delayed, full-year profits down one-fifth - so it should have come as no surprise Wednesday's (22 May) first-half results were so intriguing.

In the Spotlight - Coca-Cola's "secret recipe" on eBay

17 May 2013

Sales of sparkling cola are under pressure, but one man still believes its stock is high. Cliff Kluge, a pilot from Georgia, told ABC News this week he may have found the original recipe for Coca-Cola - and is selling it on eBay for as much as US$15m.

In the Spotlight - The Coca-Cola Co's Global Anti-Obesity Pledge

10 May 2013

It made for some good headlines: 'Coke to ditch ads aimed at kids'; 'Soft drinks giant promises calorie counts on all products'.

In the Spotlight - Constellation Brands' Full-Year Results

11 April 2013

There was much to like in Constellation Brands' full-year results, released yesterday, not least further confirmation of the firm's intention to take full control of its US JV with Grupo Modelo, Crown Imports.

In the Spotlight - Diageo's United Spirits Rollercoaster

4 April 2013

It took Diageo many years to win the hand of United Spirits (USL), the subsidiary of the Vijay Mallya-owned UB Group. But, this week, the back-slapping that hailed the securing of its successful courtship gave way to pre-wedding jitters

In the Spotlight - New York Soda Ban Overturned

14 March 2013

It came very close, but at the last minute New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, for once in his tenure, didn't get the health reform he wanted.







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