Consumer Trends

Consumer Trends

Each month, just-drinks takes a look at the emerging trends that could be of use to drinks companies and their brands.

The Millennials are taking over. But, why are they so miserable? – Consumer Trends 25 Jun 2018

This year sees the last of the Millennial cohort reach adulthood. The economic prospects for the generation differ widely between mature and emerging markets, Ben Cooper writes, but the world over they punch above their weight in terms of their influence and the interest they receive from brands.

Why the on-premise is failing to tempt consumers away from classic cocktails - Consumer Trends 4 Jun 2018

Anyone working in the on-premise channel will, no doubt, be aware that Diageo's Reserve World Class cocktail competition is rumbling slowly towards the final, in Berlin later this summer. National heats are taking place around the world, with competitors jumping through numerous bibulous hoops to win a golden ticket.

How to collect data without alienating your consumer - Consumer Trends 1 May 2018

The Cambridge Analytica/Facebook data scandal may have been played out largely in the political arena but the implications for branded companies are arguably as serious as they are for politicians. Ben Cooper investigates.

How Anheuser-Busch InBev and Diageo are revolutionising drinks marketing - Consumer Trends 4 Apr 2018

There was a time, not so long ago, when occasion-based drinks marketing meant advertising your lager brand in an ad during a World Cup football match. Not anymore - things have become a lot more complicated since then.

How will brands connect with consumers in the post-trust era? - Consumer Trends 21 Feb 2018

The latest Edelman Trust Barometer found levels of trust in the US general population have declined by the largest margin the survey has ever recorded, while classifying 20 of the 28 countries surveyed as "distrusters". Ben Cooper asks Tonia Ries, executive director of Edelman Square, the intellectual property unit of the global PR giant, what declining trust means for brands and their relationship with consumers.

How helping poorer US consumers is set to hammer the soft drinks industry - Consumer Trends 19 Feb 2018

Carbonated soft drinks companies are used to navigating choppy waters, especially in the US where sales have been declining since 2003, according to GlobalData. However, a proposed revamp of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which provides foods and beverages to poor Americans, could end up delivering a new blow to soft drinks that the industry did not anticipate.

Why the time to educate consumers may finally have arrived - Consumer Trends 9 Nov 2017

After years of trying - and failing - are the drinks industry's attempts to educate consumers finally falling on open ears? On-premise and spirits commentator Laura Foster investigates.

Why drinks companies will struggle to break Generation Z - Consumer Trends 7 Sep 2017

This month, Ben Cooper examines what a new report from marketing consultants Protein on Generation Z - or Gen Z - consumers may mean for marketers, particularly for those in the drinks arena.

Non-alcoholic growth is about seeking, not avoiding – Consumer Trends 2 Aug 2017

A new generation of non-alcoholic drinks, and the growth they are achieving, is deservedly generating excitement in the drinks sector. The key to capitalising on the non-alcoholic revolution, Ben Cooper writes, is understanding that consumers are making a positive choice - seeking something rather simply looking to avoid alcohol.

Vermouth - The next big thing? - Consumer Trends 19 Jul 2017

Among the talk at the on-premise Tales of the Cocktail conference in the UK this April, the consensus appeared to be that vermouth is once again gaining momentum. Indeed, the segment has been tipped by many industry observers as one to watch in the coming years.

Why brands should tap into consumers' beliefs and values - Consumer Trends 29 Jun 2017

Recent research from global marketing consultancy Edelman reveals consumers are increasingly inclined to choose brands on the basis of shared values. Communicating ethical positions through brand marketing can, therefore, offer significant new opportunities to build brand loyalty but, Ben Cooper writes, belief-driven consumers expect companies to act in accordance with those beliefs, and not just espouse them.

Why drinks companies should tap into happiness - Consumer Trends 5 Jun 2017

The pursuit of happiness may conjure up notions of carefree abandon, but it has become a serious business. Ben Cooper examines how positive psychology - a field of psychological study focused on happiness that has emerged over the past two decades - is in tune with key consumer trends and is proving an effective framework for new approaches to brand marketing.

What does the changing face of socialising mean for drinks brands? – Consumer Trends 9 May 2017

Having already revolutionised how we communicate remotely, digital technology is now transforming how we socialise physically, presenting new challenges for the companies that provide the lubrication for social occasions. Ben Cooper considers what the shifting nature of socialising means for drinks brands. 

The on-premise trends that are set to shape the future - Consumer Trends 3 May 2017

Last month, members of the global drinks industry gathered in Edinburgh for Tales of the Cocktail's Tales on Tour programme - five days of seminars and parties. Deputy editor Lucy Britner was there and grabbed some time with Tales founder Ann Tuennerman, Bacardi's global advocacy director Jacob Briars and the firm's malts ambassador Georgie Bell, as well as William Grant & Sons USA brand advocacy director Charlotte Voisey, to learn about the emerging trends hitting the on-premise channel.

The drinks industry's gender failure - Consumer Trends 29 Mar 2017

In our latest look at consumer trends in the drinks industry, Ben Cooper turns his attention to the marketing of products along gender lines and asks, why are drinks brands struggling to keep up with society's changing approach to the sexes?

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