Comment - Soft Drinks & Water - What Does Ray Say?

Comment - Soft Drinks & Water - What Does Ray Say?

By: Ray Rowlands

Ray Rowlands from market research firm DrinksInfo gives his monthly view on the latest issues affecting the soft drinks & water categories

Comment - Soft Drinks & Water - Kraft, Heinz and the Merger Landscape 7 Apr 2015

Following the announcement that Kraft Foods and Heinz are to merge, Ray Rowlands looks at some other actual - and would-be - company unions and asks, who might be next?

Comment - Soft Drinks & Water - Is Australia the Real Home of Innovation? 3 Mar 2015

Having recently returned from Australia, Ray Rowlands of Drinksinfo Ltd, takes a look at some of the recent soft drinks developments he encountered Down Under and draws the conclusion that, rather than being an isolated backwater, Australia is actually at the cutting edge of innovation.

Comment - Soft Drinks & Bottled Water - Things are Big, Down Mexico Way 3 Feb 2015

It's to Mexico for Ray Rowlands this month. How have the soft drinks and bottled water categories fared, one year on from the introduction of a tax on full-sugar drinks in the country?

Comment - Soft Drinks & Water - Ringing in the New Year 6 Jan 2015

Now that the Champagne corks have finished popping and the fireworks are all but a pleasant memory, Ray Rowlands of Drinksinfo Ltd says goodbye to the old year and contemplates some of the issues facing the soft drinks industry in 2015.

Comment - Soft Drinks & Water - Red Bull Doesn't Give You Actual Wings 14 Oct 2014

Following the news that Red Bull will have to drop its “Red Bull gives you wings” tagline in the US due to misleading advertising, Ray Rowlands of Drinksinfo Ltd takes a look at some other contentious marketing, and finds that energy drinks are not the only beverages that have got into hot water over promotional claims.

Comment - Soft Drinks & Water - Russia in Turmoil 9 Sep 2014

Ray Rowlands of Drinksinfo Ltd takes a look at the changing face of the Russian beverage market and reviews the impact of the current economic and political situation on the country’s demand for soft drinks.

Comment - Soft Drinks & Water - A Monster of a Deal 26 Aug 2014

Ray Rowlands of Drinksinfo Ltd reviews Coca-Cola Co's link-up with Monster Beverage Corp and contemplates PepsiCo’s reaction to the purchase.

Comment – Soft Drinks & Bottled Water - Strong Potential in the Middle East 8 Jul 2014

In the latest of his monthly columns for just-drinks, Ray Rowlands from Drinksinfo Ltd turns his sights on the Middle East, giving a synopsis of soft drinks trends plus a review of recent and forthcoming events affecting the region.

Comment - Soft Drinks - Will Sunny Delight Re-Energise Itself? 12 Jun 2014

Ray Rowlands of Drinksinfo Ltd takes a trip down memory lane to look at an iconic juice drinks brand of the 1990s - Sunny Delight. He charts its progress up to the present day, including its latest venture into the energy drinks arena.

Comment - Soft Drinks & Water - Medicinal Water: Just What the Doctor Ordered 6 May 2014

Ray Rowlands, of Drinksinfo Ltd, explores medicinal water, a segment of the bottled water category that, whilst offering undeniable health benefits, has been largely rejected by the global consumer.

Comment - Soft Drinks & Water - PepsiCo: Time to Split? 10 Apr 2014

Last month, Nelson Peltz of Trian Fund Management sent a 37-page letter to PepsiCo's board urging it to spin off, what he described as, its struggling beverage business. Ray Rowlands of Drinksinfo Ltd looks at the pros and cons of such a monumental undertaking and draws his own conclusions.

Comment - Soft Drinks & Water - Asahi in Expansion Mode 13 Mar 2014

As its Japanese home market struggles to expand Ray Rowlands of Drinksinfo Ltd looks at the recent overseas ventures that the Asahi Group has undertaken in its hunt for growth culminating in its latest foray, this time in the Indonesian soft drinks arena.

Comment - Soft Drinks & Water - SodaStream Ban Highlights Sorry State of Affairs 4 Feb 2014

Ray Rowlands of Drinksinfo Ltd reports on the recent controversy surrounding the SodaStream Super Bowl advert in the US and asks, who really gained from its rejection by the media?

Comment - Soft Drinks & Water - Will Shaking the Coca-Cola Bottle Return the Fizz? 9 Jan 2014

Ray Rowlands of Drinksinfo Ltd starts 2014 with a look at the latest attempts by The Coca-Cola Co to reverse declining soda sales in its North American homeland.

Comment - Soft Drinks & Water - Coca-Cola Co Goes For Dasani Fizz 5 Nov 2013

Following recent reports that PepsiCo is planning to launch a premium water brand in the US, Ray Rowlands of Drinksinfo Ltd takes a look at what arch rival Coca-Cola Co is up to in the country’s bottled water market.

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