Comment - Soft Drinks & Water - A Bit of Britner

Comment - Soft Drinks & Water - A Bit of Britner

By: Lucy Britner

Category commentator Lucy Britner casts her eye over the soft drinks & water categories.

Are hard seltzers paving the way for 'soft seltzers'? - comment 7 Apr 2021

From White Claw to Mike's, Drty to Bodega Bay, hard seltzers are big business. But, could the success of alcoholic sparkling water provide a fillip to the sparkling water category itself? Soft drinks commentator Lucy Britner investigates.

Why energy and functional drinks should be wary of coffee's renewed attack on the caffeine occasion - comment 4 Mar 2021

From coffee-flavoured energy drinks to plant-based milk and protein-spiked lattes, the RTD coffee category is lining up to give energy and functional drinks a run for their money. Soft drinks category commentator Lucy Britner investigates.

Soft drinks looks outside for expert health & wellness help - comment 2 Feb 2021

In the wake of PepsiCo's tie-up with meat alternatives company Beyond Meat last week, soft drinks commentator Lucy Britner looks at the category's underlying trends in health & wellness and assesses the benefits of tapping up the experts to create the next wave of functional fixes.

What's coming up in soft drinks in 2021? - Predictions for the Year Ahead - comment 5 Jan 2021

As 2021 kicks off, soft drinks commentator Lucy Britner offers her views on the key trends that are set to shape the category during the next 12 months.

The soft drinks category in 2020 - just-drinks' Review of the Year, Part II - FREE TO ACCESS 10 Dec 2020

As 2020 draws to a close, just-drinks looks back at the stories that made the headlines across the global drinks industry over the last 12 months. Here, Lucy Britner picks out the highs and lows for the soft drinks category.

How COVID has changed consumers' demands and soft drinks is adapting its innovation - comment 3 Nov 2020

From range rationalisation to investment in larger formats and work around direct-to-consumer, the pandemic has shifted the innovation focus for soft drinks companies. Lucy Britner delves further.

Why bottled water should tap into more drinking occasions - comment 6 Oct 2020

Our soft drinks category commentator, Lucy Britner, turns her attention this month to bottled water - and spies some burgeoning growth opportunities.

The rise of adaptogens - the continued evolution of health & wellness in soft drinks - comment 8 Sep 2020

This month, soft drinks commentator Lucy Britner takes a closer look at the increasing number of drinks that offer more than one functional element.

Why mindful consumption will bring carbon counting to soft drinks labels - comment 5 Aug 2020

The first half of this year has seen many nascent trends accelerate, most notably in the areas of health & wellness and environmental consciousness. Category commentator Lucy Britner believes that, going forward, the soft drinks brand owners should prepare to share even more information with their consumers.

Why COVID-19 has restored plastic's popularity in soft drinks - comment 7 Jul 2020

Before COVID-19 changed everything, 'plastic' was little more than a dirty word that was only getting dirtier. Now, however, the packaging material could provide a neat solution to consumer unease over cleanliness. Lucy Britner explains.

Why COVID-19 is making soft drinks walk an advertising tightrope - comment 4 Jun 2020

Consumers' growing concerns about their health are not only well documented, but they're also a natural reaction to a global health crisis. But, several soft drinks and supplements companies are getting their messages wrong. Lucy Britner investigates.

What does the return of big soft drinks brands mean for health & wellness? - comment 5 May 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, consumers have returned to big brands. Soft drinks commentator Lucy Britner takes a closer look at the trend and assesses the impact on the category's health & wellness space.

Soft drinks fight to stay relevant in COVID-19 world - comment 14 Apr 2020

From Corporate Social Responsibility to e-sports, soft drinks brand owners are moving their marketing budgets to reach changing consumer priorities that have been emphasised by the coronavirus pandemic. How successful will they be? Lucy Britner investigates.

Functional drinks flex their muscles as 'ultra-performance' takes hold - comment 3 Mar 2020

This month, soft drinks commentator Lucy Britner takes a closer look at the changing nature of functional drinks as big soda moves further into the performance space.

Why premium RTD tea could be a soft drinks winner in 2020 - comment 4 Feb 2020

Our soft drinks commentator, Lucy Britner, considers the wealth of opportunities available to the RTD tea segment. There's plenty to go at.

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