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Chris MercerThe beverage business blog from Chris Mercer

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StarBev: CVC under pressure to find funds? 28 Feb 12

Is CVC Capital testing the waters for a StarBev exit because it needs the funds to service debt elsewhere?..

Vinisud 2012 - How are the French using the internet for wine? 23 Feb 12

More and more French people are using the internet to research wine before going out to buy it, a new survey shows. Might this open up opportunities for foreign wines?..

Vinisud 2012 - An emerging concern about wine in China 21 Feb 12

Here's the thing about China: is anyone actually drinking the wine?..

Cameron leaps aboard the (alcohol) wagon 16 Feb 12

Ever the self-publicist, Prime minister David Cameron is frightened of losing moral ground over excess drinking...

Champagne shocker: The glass matters 10 Feb 12

Do you drink Champagne out of: a) a flute; b) a shallow 'coupe'; or c) the bottle?..

Truman's moving back to London 27 Jan 12

It's become pretty common to dislocate beers from their geographic homeland in the present era of brewing industry consolidation, which is why the Truman's story caught my eye this week...

They shall drink beer, says FIFA 19 Jan 12

Just imagine a football World Cup without beer? Go on, imagine it. You can't, can you? Well, neither can FIFA...

Suck & Blow - the worst idea for an alcoholic drink of all time? 19 Jan 12

The UK's Portman Group has clattered US-based SAB Enterprises over its Suck & Blow alcoholic jelly tubes...

Coors Light unseats King Bud 11 Jan 12

Coors Light has achieved its expected coup in the US by knocking Budweiser off its perch as the second biggest selling beer in the country...

Australia's ex-PM sinks a beer "for the country" 6 Jan 12

Australia's ex-prime minister, Bob Hawke, shows how it's done...

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