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Stuart Whitwell from Intangible Business believes the introduction of a sugar levy provides opportunities for the soft drinks sectorHow sugar levy problem could become an opportunity for drinks brands - Focus 10 December 2015

The UK is currently debating the introduction of a sugar tax in a bid to trim waistlines. The focus on reducing childhood obesity could result in tougher times for drinks brands, with the likes of Ribena already having some formats removed from shelves in Tesco. It begs the question, are retailers and the Government thinking about the wider commercial implications of such a levy?

Focus - Transfer pricing and the tax-man's chase 14 September 2015

Are you safe from the tax authorities? The wine and spirits industry is driven by valuable brands, each of which contains intellectual property at its heart. But, are brand owners putting themselves at risk of additional tax liabilities due to artificially-constructed, profit-shifting, transfer pricing schemes?

Focus - The Power 100: Top Wine & Spirits Trends in the Last Ten Years 10 June 2015

Earlier today, brand valuation consultancy Intangible Business released the results of its latest survey of the world's wine and spirits brands. In this excerpt from the full report, which can be downloaded here, the company considers the consumer trends that have shaped the wine and spirits categories in the last ten years.

Do you know the value of your brand?Focus - The Risks of Acquisitions 1 June 2015

Drinks giant Diageo has been in the news recently after discrepancies were found in the results of United Spirits, an Indian spirits company that the company recently bought a controlling stake in.

Focus - The Battle Against the Counterfeiters 4 March 2015

News emerged in the UK late last month that 2,500 litres of fake wine and spirits were seized by police in the country as part of the worldwide Operation OPSON, run by Interpol. The counterfeit drinks industry is very much alive and kicking, even in developed markets like the UK, and drinks companies need to be more vigilant if they wish to protect their brands.

Focus – Calorie Counts on Drink Labels: The Branding Implications 10 December 2014

In the UK, the Royal Society of Public Health has called for nutritional labels - including calories - to be placed on alcoholic drinks, in order to curb the country's growing obesity epidemic.

Coca-Cola Life launched in the UK last weekAnalysis - Will Coca-Cola Life be Short-Lived? 8 September 2014

This month sees The Coca-Cola Co introduce Coca-Cola Life, a new variant of its namesake CSD brand in the UK. Stuart Whitwell from Intangible Business considers the chances of success for the extension.

Focus - Branding in the Craft Beer Industry 10 March 2014

Whilst reports suggest that overall alcohol consumption is declining, it seems the craft beer industry is capitalising on the public’s over-familiarity with mass-market beer brands and instead turning to more innovative flavours of beer, backed by creative branding and marketing campaigns. Stuart Whitwell from Intangible Business surveys the scene.

Focus - Beer/Spirits - Trends to Look out for in 2014 10 December 2013

After a lively year for our industry, Stuart Whitwell from Intangible Business takes a look at what the next 12 months could have in store for the beer and spirits categories.

Focus - David vs. Goliath: Bullish Trademark Litigation in the Drinks Industry 2 September 2013

A spate of recent trademark rows in the drinks industry has prompted Stuart Whitwell from Intangible Business to cast his eye over some of them, to see if there's a common thread.

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