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Award-winning writer and author Stephen Beaumont gives us his monthly thoughts on what is keeping the global beer industry busy.

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Asia has opened up as the latest battleground for craft beerWhy Asia is the latest front in the craft beer battle - Comment 23 November 2017

We're off to Asia with beer commentator Stephen Beaumont this month. Vietnam, to be specific, with the country serving as an example of how the continent is becoming the next battleground for beer's higher-end players.

Heineken's Blade draught system was unveiled earlier this monthIs 'innovation' a dirty word in the beer industry? - Comment 17 October 2017

This month, our beer industry commentator, Stephen Beaumont, looks at the innovation record of the brewing multinationals and finds them heavily reliant on the smaller, craft players out there.

The latest dig at mutinational brewers could carry some weight, argues Stephen BeaumontWill the latest attack on the big brewers stick? - Comment 21 September 2017

Rarely a week goes by without the multinational brewers being given a hard time by someone or other. However, the latest flare-up, in the UK, has caught the attention of our regular beer commentator, Stephen Beaumont.

How does the future look for Molson Coors?Where is Molson Coors today and where will it be tomorrow? - Comment 24 August 2017

Following on from just-drinks' analysis of Molson Coors' performance over the last five years, just-drinks' beer commentator Stephen Beaumont, considers the takeaways for the wider brewing industry.

On the left, the seal from the UK's Society of Independent Brewers, on the right seal from the Brewers Association in the USIs it time for brewers to drop 'craft' for 'independent'?- Comment 18 July 2017

In the last few weeks, two craft beer trade associations have offered members promotional material designed to highlight their independent ownership status. Here, beer commentator Stephen Beaumont considers whether this means the end of the road for the much-debated 'craft' term.

The can has its place, argues Stephen Beaumont, and it's not at the dining tableBeer cans should know their place, and it's not at the table - Comment 16 June 2017

This month, our resident beer commentator, Stephen Beaumont, has spotted a link between beer's missed opportunity in the restaurant channel and the propensity of some brewers to plump for cans as their preferred packaging.

Wicked Weed Brewing joined Anheuser-Busch InBev earlier this monthAre big brewers buying craft brands to benefit big beer? - Comment 16 May 2017

Amid all the furore each time another craft brewer joins the other side, beer commentator Stephen Beaumont explores the strategy behind the larger players' forays in the segment.

Craft beer has broken out beyond its US homeland and is now a positively global segmentHow craft beer has shattered its US shackles and gone global - Comment 27 April 2017

Much as the US hogs the craft beer limelight, the segment finally appears to be going global. Stephen Beaumont looks at how craft has broken out of its birthplace and is cropping up in markets around the world.

The addition of fruit to the brewing process is not new, but a resurgence is afootFruit-flavoured beer? Think of the kids - Comment 28 March 2017

This month, just-drinks' beer commentator, Stephen Beaumont, uses his regular column to look at the fruit-flavoured beer segment, and spies a red flag.

Does the growth in the number of breweries globally predicate a rise in the number of beer SKUs available to consumers?Why the threat of excess choice in beer is over-stated - Comment 21 February 2017

A theory has formed in the beer industry in recent months that the sheer range of brews on offer is leading to consumer fatigue. This month, beer commentator Stephen Beaumont considers the evidence supporting and countering this theory.

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