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Stephen Beaumont

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Stephen Beaumont has been covering the global brewing industry for three decades. During that time, he has written literally thousands of articles and columns for publications ranging from Playboy to The Globe and Mail newspaper and has authored or co-authored 14 books, including two editions of The World Atlas of Beer (with Tim Webb) and his most recent, Will Travel for Beer.

Stephen finds that the best way to understand a beer is by going to where it is brewed, so he travels frequently and extensively. In addition to tasting and writing, he frequently speaks at industry conferences, hosts tutored tastings and beer dinners and consults for hospitality companies. When not on the road, he makes his home in downtown Toronto, Canada.

Columns by Stephen Beaumont

Comment - Beer - BeaumontComment - Beer - Beaumont's Brews

Award-winning writer and author Stephen Beaumont gives us his monthly thoughts on what is keeping the global beer industry busy.

Articles by Stephen Beaumont

Why brewers should think twice before ditching awards competitions - comment 24 September 2020

As COVID-19 has turned the flood of marketing dollars to a trickle, one major victim for drinks companies has been the entering of their brands into category competitions. This month, beer commentator Stephen Beaumont provides advice for the brewers out there struggling with the existential question: What do awards actually do?

 Why brewers should look to add distilling to their armoury - comment 27 August 2020

Category commentator Stephen Beaumont returns with his monthly fix of all things beer. Here Stephen considers the opportunity - and challenge - facing brewers who are thinking of entering the spirits arena.

While 'Quality Control' may not sound very exciting to today's craft brewers, the larger players are all over itWhy 'Quality Control' is the name of the beer game, no matter your size - comment 31 July 2020

Although not the most glamorous aspect of brewing, being able to provide the consumer with an assurance of your beer's quality is where it's at. Category commentator Stephen Beaumont believes that what has previously been the preserve of the indusry's larger brewers now needs to trickle down - not literally - into craft beer.

Stephen Beaumont believes brewers are well-placed to contribute to societal change Black Lives Matter - How brewers can be part of the coming change - comment 23 June 2020

The 'Black Lives Matter' movement has prompted us all as individuals to question our views on our fellow humans. Companies are not immune from this self cross-examination, with beer commentator Stephen Beaumont suggesting the brewing community has a big part to play in driving future equality for the black community.

What the beer category will look like, 12 months from now - comment 28 May 2020

Everyone is asking what the world will be like post-COVID. Beer commentator Stephen Beaumont is no exception but, rather than look forward in weeks or months, Stephen takes a punt at what the brewing industry can expect to see in May 2021.

Could the coronavirus pandemic signal the death of draught?How the post-COVID-19 beer industry will look - comment 28 April 2020

Everyone's asking, so beer commentator Stephen Beaumont is having a stab at answering: What will the world be like when we come out 'the other side'?

Beer category commentator Stephen Beaumont considers ways in which brewers can ride out the coronavirus crisisWhat advice for the beer category in the time of COVID-19? - comment 26 March 2020

There's only one subject on everyone's minds at the moment, Stephen Beaumont included. This month, our beer expert looks at the options available to brewers in these deeply troubling times.

Have reports of the death of craft beer been exaggerated?Craft beer is dead. Long live craft beer - comment 25 February 2020

If recent headlines are to be believed, the craft beer category is not in a good way. As some smaller players merge to grow scale, others are being sold on by their sugar-daddy owners. And, what of the staff shake-outs we're seeing? Category commentator Stephen Beaumont surveys the 'wreckage'.

How will 2020 treat the global beer category?What's coming up in beer in 2020? - Predictions for the Year Ahead - comment 21 January 2020

Our category previews of the year ahead continue. Here's beer expert Stephen Beaumont with his take on what will shape the brewing industry over the next 12 months.

Anheuser-Busch InBev's full takeover of Craft Brew Alliance is all about Kona, argues Stephen BeaumontWhy US craft beer is still holding its value - Comment 26 November 2019

just-drinks' beer commentator has had another craft acquisition to digest this month. Stephen Beaumont takes a closer look at Anheuser-Busch InBev's decision to eventually move for Craft Brew Alliance. His conclusions may differ from yours.

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