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Stefan Kirk at Glenboden

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Focus - Will Heineken or Kirin Win Race to Strong No.2 in Brazil Brewing? 4 July 2012

Following the trajectory in other major markets, Brazil looks ripe for a round of beer consolidation to create a stronger number two behind Anheuser-Busch InBev's AmBev unit. It's an open question, however, as to whether Heineken or Kirin Holdings will win the race; the key could be in deal structuring and valuation.

Focus - Will the Major Brewers Acquire More Craft Regional Brewers? 14 May 2012

In recent years a big re-invention story for the beer industry has been craft regional beers, especially in the US but also now in parts of Europe. We believe this is driven by that segment being a conduit for the majors to both growth and premiumisation, and see more M&A activity there going forward.

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