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The A380 - giving travel retail a wealth of opportunityFocus - Travel Retail - Korean Air Steals March with Airborne Duty Free 'Showcase' 15 September 2011

This Sunday, the travel retail channel congregates in Cannes for this year's TFWA World Exhibition. Ahead of the six-day event, Simon Warburton looks at how the new 'giants in the sky' are giving airlines the chance to exercise their innovation muscles when it comes to travel retail.

The just-drinks Interview - Stella Artois' global brand director 8 December 2009

As one of the world’s best known beer brands, Stella Artois has a new challenge on its hands: the US market. Simon Warburton talks to the beer's global brand director, Jorn Socquet, and looks at the challenges and opportunities for the product following the mega-merger in 2008 of InBev with Anheuser-Busch.

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