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Radico Khaitan's Rampur Indian whiskyRadico Khaitan's Rampur Indian single malt whisky - Product Launch 21 April 2016

Radico Khaitan has lined up the global release of a new single malt Indian whisky.

Chandon's Dindori winery was officially opened last monthMoet Hennessy opens Chandon winery in India 4 April 2016

The Indian unit of Moët Hennessy has officially opened its first winery in the country, dedicated to producing the Chandon sparkling wine brand.

Patron Spirits initially launched Patron Cafe XO Incendio in October, 2014Patron Spirits to drive Tequila in India through coffee liqueur focus 14 March 2016

Patrón Spirits is looking to surf the wave of growth for Tequila in India, with the Cafe Incendio extension of its namesake brand set for a national roll-out.

Wild Tiger Beverages' Wild Tiger Special Reserve RumWild Tiger Beverages' Wild Tiger Special Reserve Rum - Product Launch 1 March 2016

Indian spirits company Wild Tiger Beverages has released its namesake rum brand, which has been produced in the country.

Goa King’s Premium Pilsner has been available in Goa in its previous incarnation for around 20 yearsKing's Black Label gets revamp ahead of India roll-out 4 August 2015

The new owner of Goan lager brand King’s Black Label, India's Viiking Group, is set to roll out the brand across the country.

Janus is Sula Vineyards' first venture into spiritsSula Vineyards launches first premium brandy in India 16 July 2015

Sula Vineyards has launched what it claims is India’s first premium grape brandy - Janus.

United Breweries' Kingfisher Ultra MaxProduct Launch - United Breweries' Kingfisher Ultra Max 3 July 2015

United Breweries has extended its premium beer brand Kingfisher Ultra’s portfolio by launching Kingfisher Ultra Max making it the most expensive strong beer (8% abv and above) in the country.

Amrut Distilleries' Amrut Naarangi orange-flavoured whiskyProduct Launch - Amrut Distilleries' Amrut Naarangi orange-flavoured whisky 9 April 2015

Amrut Distilleries has launched what it claims is the world’s first single malt whisky that carries orange notes.

The Indian state of Kerala is clamping down on alcohol sales Kerala's High Court agrees with spirits ban 7 April 2015

The High Court in the Indian state of Kerala has upheld a ban on bars and hotels serving spirits.

John Distilleries is set to launch its Paul John single malt whisky in the US John Distilleries to launch Paul John whisky in US 11 December 2014

John Distilleries, the Indian spirits producer, is gearing up to enter the US market in 2015 with its Paul John single malt whisky brand.

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