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A trained newspaper journalist, Richard Woodard was editor of the drinks trade magazine Wine & Spirit International from 2000 to 2005, responsible for writing, commissioning and producing a broad range of business-related content relevant to the international drinks industry.

He now works freelance and is a regular contributor to just-drinks.com, Decanter, The Spirits Business, The Drinks Business and Imbibe, among others.

Columns by Richard Woodard

Comment - Spirits - A Word with WoodardComment - Spirits - A Word with Woodard

Resident columnist and spirits know-it-all Richard Woodard provides his monthly take on the latest in the global white spirits industry.

Articles by Richard Woodard

 Pernod Ricard  purchased a majority stake in Del Maguey mezcal last monthWhy big spirits firms are willing to pay for potential - Comment 27 July 2017

This month, spirits columnist Richard Woodard takes a closer look at why the world's largest spirits firms are investing in relatively small brands. 

The latest Global Tequila & Mezcal Insights report is now availableThe road ahead for Tequila and mezcal - Research in Focus 26 July 2017

Tequila will continue to be one of the global spirits industry's most dynamic and buoyant categories for the next five years – but there are challenges too, says a new joint report from Just-drinks and the IWSR.

The price and availability of agave will impact the growth of Tequila and mezcalMezcal to bolster Tequila with growth of agave spirits set to continue - research 26 July 2017

Global sales of agave-based spirits are poised for further growth, new research claims, as Tequila's success continues in the next few years, supplemented by the increasing significance of mezcal.

Gruppo Campari took ownership of Grand Marnier last yearWhy the spirits brands of the past should be wary of the future - Comment 6 July 2017

When your brand is steeped in history, how do you make it relevant to the consumers of today, without diluting that long-held cachet? Richard Woodard considers the dilemma facing the likes of Gruppo Campari's Grand Marnier and Remy Cointreau's Cointreau brands.

The latest joint-report from just-drinks and The IWSR looks at the flavoured spirits sectorFlavoured spirits poised for bounceback in next four years - research 7 June 2017

The large and diverse flavoured spirits category will stage a modest recovery over the next few years, ending a recent trend of long-term decline, according to a new joint report from just-drinks and The IWSR.

Global Flavoured Spirits Insights, from just-drinks and The IWSR, is now availableSlide goes on for flavoured spirits, but opportunities remain - Research in Focus 6 June 2017

The global flavoured spirits market remains in the midst of a slow, long-term decline, according to research released this week, but the diversity of the 150m-case-plus category creates a complex picture that defies easy generalisations.

Do large volume sales make your brand dreadful?Why craft owes more to multinational brands than we're made to think - Comment 18 May 2017

In wanting to trumpet their credentials, craft spirits brands still owe much to the bigger, more-established brands in the segments. Richard Woodard believes beating up the big boys leaves craft brands open to charges of biting the hand that feeds them.

Pernod Ricard's Passport Scotch whisky is unashamedly a mainstream brandHas the race to premiumise made spirits forget the mainstream? - Comment 25 April 2017

It's the last thing the English language needs, but could a companion term to the verbally-ugly 'premiumisation' pass into everyday use in the years to come? Is 'mainstreamisation' – a neologism arguably even more hideous than the p-word – here to stay? Richard Woodard thinks so.

The latest Global Scotch Insights report from just-drinks and The IWSR was published earlier this yearScotch whisky sales set to soar, despite recent struggles - research 20 April 2017

Worldwide sales of Scotch whisky are poised for a remarkable resurgence in the coming years, led by the continued march of malts and a recovery in blended Scotch sales, according to recent research.

The latest Global Scotch Insights report from just-drinks and The IWSR was published earlier this yearWhy Scotch must drop the 'malts good, blends bad' mantra - Research in Focus 20 April 2017

Scotch whisky is contemplating a brighter future after three consecutive years of falling global sales, according to the latest joint Global Insights report from just-drinks and The IWSR. While worldwide consumption of blended Scotch and single malts fell slightly in 2015 – down 0.2% to just under 94m nine-litre cases – the early signs from 2016 are positive, and the years to come look brighter still.

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