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A trained newspaper journalist, Richard Woodard was editor of the drinks trade magazine Wine & Spirit International from 2000 to 2005, responsible for writing, commissioning and producing a broad range of business-related content relevant to the international drinks industry.

He now works freelance and is a regular contributor to just-drinks.com, Decanter, The Spirits Business, The Drinks Business and Imbibe, among others.

Columns by Richard Woodard

Comment - Spirits - A Word with WoodardComment - Spirits - A Word with Woodard

Resident columnist and spirits know-it-all Richard Woodard provides his monthly take on the latest in the global white spirits industry.

Articles by Richard Woodard

Why is gin bucking the broader spirits trend in the US?How can gin stem the slide in the US? - Comment 19 April 2016

Much as all looks rosy in the UK, the gin sector has struggled in the US in recent years. What is the segment doing wrong, in a spirits market that offers generous bounty? Richard Woodard investigates.

Is Absolut the wrong brand in the wrong place at the wrong time and the wrong price?Is Pernod Ricard's Absolut dying in the US? - Comment 22 March 2016

This month, white spirits commentator Richard Woodard considers the present health - or lack thereof - of Pernod Ricard's flagship vodka brand, Absolut.

Who are the Millennial consumers?The Millennial Consumer - Who are they? - March 2016 Management Briefing, Part I 9 March 2016

This month, we drill down into one of the most important consumer demographics for the global drinks industry. In part one of this special just-drinks management briefing, Richard Woodard looks at Millennials and asks: Who are they?

What are Millennial consumers like?The Millennial Consumer - What are they like? - March 2016 Management Briefing, Part II 9 March 2016

In the second part of this special just-drinks management briefing, which considers the Millennial consumer, Richard Woodard provides an in-depth look at what Millennials are like.

How are Millennial consumers changing?The Millennial Consumer - How are they changing? - March 2016 Management Briefing, Part III 9 March 2016

The penultimate part of this special just-drinks management briefing, which looks at the Millennial consumer, considers how the consumer group has changed in recent years. Richard Woodard investigates.

How do Millennial consumers interact with brands?The Millennial Consumer - What do they think of brands? - March 2016 Management Briefing, Part IV 9 March 2016

In the final part of this special just-drinks management briefing, Richard Woodard considers the relationship between Millennial consumers and brands.

Between now and 2034, air passenger numbers are set to rise by 4.6% a yearTravel Retail has plenty of runway - Comment 25 February 2016

While some have predicted turbulent times for the Global Travel Retail business, spirits columnist Richard Woodard sees a long and lucrative future for the sector.

Are the markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China as important to drinks companies as they were at the turn of the Century?The BRIC Markets - Where are they now? - Comment 14 January 2016

Since almost the turn of the Century, it's been all about the BRICs. Brazil, Russia, India and China have spent the last 16 years as the focus for growth for every drinks company out there. Richard Woodard takes a look at the four countries and surveys their importance in 2016.

just-drinks released its 2016 Confidence Survey this weekjust-drinks Confidence Survey 2016, Part I - Executive Summary 5 January 2016

Confidence levels in the international drinks industry – across spirits, wine, beer, soft drinks and water – remain at similar levels to this time last year, with little change in sentiment in the responses to the key questions of our annual survey: the operating environment, consumer confidence, likelihood of business growth and the overall prospects for the year ahead.

just-drinks released its 2016 Confidence Survey this weekjust-drinks Confidence Survey 2016, Part II - Questions 1 to 7 5 January 2016

In this, the second part of just-drinks' coverage of its annual confidence survey, we analyse the results from the first seven of the survey's 20 questions.

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