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Richard Corbett has worked in the drinks industry for 13 years, ten of which were spent researching for Beverage Research Specialist Canadean. He has been the market analyst with Soft Drinks International since early-2004.

Columns by Richard Corbett

Comment - Soft Drinks & Water - A Bit of CorbettComment - Soft Drinks & Water - A Bit of Corbett

Each month, Richard Corbett casts his eye over the soft drinks & water categories.

Articles by Richard Corbett

Why Deposit Return Schemes are the ultimate option for soft drinks - Comment 24 May 2018

Our soft drinks commentator returns! This month, Richard Corbett considers the Deposit Return Scheme concept and flags why the soft drinks industry should welcome it with open arms.

The sugar tax took effect in the UK last weekHow the sugar tax has transformed the soft drinks category - Comment 12 April 2018

Last week, the UK introduced its version of the sugar tax. But, as soft drinks commentator Richard Corbett explains, the fall-out from the move was becoming manifest long before its implementation.

More and more consumers are turning to veganism, providing an opportunity for soft drinks producersHow soft drinks can milk (or not) the vegan trend - Comment 15 March 2018

just-drinks' soft drinks commentator, Richard Corbett, returns this month with some advice on how companies can capitalise on the growing popularity of veganism among consumers.

Dr Pepper Snapple Group will merge with Keurig Green Mountain later this yearKeurig Dr Pepper - A bit good. A bit bad - Comment 20 February 2018

Late last month, Dr Pepper Snapple Group and Keurig Green Mountain agreed a merger - in effect an acquisition of the former by the latter - to create Keurig Dr Pepper. Our regular soft drinks commentator, Richard Corbett casts his expert eye over the development.

Category commentator Richard Corbett looks at what 2018 has in store for the soft drinks industryWhat's coming up in soft drinks in 2018? - Predictions for the Year Ahead - Comment 9 January 2018

Throughout January, just-drinks' regular category commentators will give us their take on how 2018 is shaping up for their specialist subject. First up, soft drinks expert Richard Corbett considers the year ahead.

Coca-Cola Life failed to connect with soft drinks consumersHow The Coca-Cola Co can make a success of Coke Life II - Comment 1 December 2017

Hot on the heels of the start of Coke Life's demise, The Coca-Cola Co has lined up a stevia-only version. But, how can the company ensure success this time around? Category commentator Richard Corbett has some suggestions.

Does Fever-Tree have the premium mixer segment sewn up?Can Red Bull stop the Fever-Tree train? - Comment 7 November 2017

This month, Richard Corbett considers Fever-Tree's dominance of the premium mixer segment. Is there still room for any competition? And, if so, who could take a bite out of the group's share?

The breakfast occasion has changed, and so - as a result - has the juice categoryWhy the coffee-consumption trend offers a sparkling future for juice - Comment 3 October 2017

This month, soft drinks commentator Richard Corbett considers how the changing face of coffee consumption in developed markets offers juice companies the chance to reap their rewards.

Nestle took sole control of the Nestea iced tea brand earlier this yearCan soft drinks producers catch the iced tea wave? - Comment 31 August 2017

This month, soft drinks commentator Richard Corbett turns his attention to the weird - and wonderful - world of iced tea, a segment that has been around for far longer than we think.

Flavour innovations, such as Editions from Red Bull, should help drive growth for energy drinksTen reasons why the energy drinks bubble is far from bursting - Comment 1 August 2017

There is plenty of optimism around the future of the global energy drinks category, says Richard Corbett. Here are his ten reasons why the sector will continue to flourish.

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