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Richard Corbett has worked in the drinks industry for 13 years, ten of which were spent researching for Beverage Research Specialist Canadean. He has been the market analyst with Soft Drinks International since early-2004.

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Comment - Soft Drinks & Water - A Bit of CorbettComment - Soft Drinks & Water - A Bit of Corbett

Each month, Richard Corbett casts his eye over the soft drinks & water categories.

Articles by Richard Corbett

What was the best European NPD in soft drinks & water in 2015? - Comment 21 January 2016

The seasonal festivities tend to give way to a period of ideas, hopes and plans. In Europe, the soft drinks industry is looking to formulate its strategies for the coming year. Before that, Richard Corbett considers last year's soft drinks and water NPD in the region, and picks his favourite.

Balmy summer boosts bottled water in Western Europe - Comment 11 November 2015

A decade ago, West Europe accounted for nearly four in every ten litres of packaged water sold globally, according to Canadean. By the end of last year, that had shrunk to little more than a fifth. While the global market for packaged water has jumped by 75%, the West European market has managed to creep up by just 4% in the last ten years and 2014’s West European sales remain below that of their 2006 high water mark, when much of Europe basked in tropical weather conditions.

Brands like Vita Coco will be hoping for similar success in Europe as they have found in the USCan coconut water repeat its US success in Europe? - Comment 20 October 2015

Coconut water has been drunk in parts of the world for thousands of years but, with the exception of Robinson Crusoe and maybe a few others, the concept is still relatively new among European consumers.

Soft drinks grow in West Europe in 2015 but challenges remain - Comment 15 September 2015

Here in the UK, the swifts, swallows and housemartins have packed up and are making their way back to Africa signalling the end of another summer in Europe. As we enter the autumn of the year we are now well placed to identify the trends in place in West Europe that will define the year from the perspective of the soft drinks industry.

The economic downturn did not provide Cott Corp with the bonanza one would have expectedHow Cott Corp Weathered Private-Label's Storm - Comment 13 August 2015

The theory goes that, as times grew tighter, private label companies were well-placed to reap the harvest. Cott Corp, however, showed that this was not as straightforward a theory as one would believe. Richard Corbett looks at how the company has performed and what it has done to turn around its fortunes.

The soft drinks industry has been the target of a damning reportSoft Drink Deaths Claim: A Case for the Defence is Needed - Comment 15 July 2015

The soft drinks industry has responded with some ire to a study from the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University in Boston, US.

Energy drinks were the subject of a paper from the European Food Safety Authority late last monthComment - Soft Drinks & Water - Energy Drinks Get Safety Boost 9 June 2015

The concept of a drink that can give you an instant hit of energy was always going to be a winning formula.

Is Nestle Waters best-placed to allay consumer fears about artificial sweeteners?Comment - Soft Drinks & Water - Could Nestle Waters Gatecrash the Diet CSD party? 13 May 2015

I recall the story of a well-known racehorse trainer, out on his gallops one spring morning watching his string of horses when a rainbow appeared. One of the stable lads, riding a particularly well thought of horse, shouted across to the trainer telling him that if he looked behind the rainbow he would find a pot of gold. "You idiot" the trainer retorted back. "You don’t need to look behind a rainbow for a pot of gold. You’re sitting on one." I think that Nestle Waters has looked at its stable of brands and realised it too may already be sitting on its own pot of gold.

The Dewar's stores are located in Charles de Gaulle and Orly Airports in ParisBacardi opens Dewar’s Travel Retail whisky store 30 April 2015

Bacardi has joined forces with duty free retailer Aelia to open its first John Dewar & Sons Fine Whisky Emporium stores at two airports in Paris.

How much is the Coca-Cola Co staking on the future of the Keurig Kold?Comment - Soft Drinks & Water - Will Keurig Kold come to Coca-Cola Co's Rescue? 16 April 2015

Will the next innovation in at-home carbonation prove to be the silver bullet for The Coca-Cola Co? Richard Corbett considers the prospects for the Keurig Kold.

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