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Richard Corbett has worked in the drinks industry for 13 years, ten of which were spent researching for Beverage Research Specialist Canadean. He has been the market analyst with Soft Drinks International since early-2004.

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Comment - Soft Drinks & Water - A Bit of CorbettComment - Soft Drinks & Water - A Bit of Corbett

Each month, Richard Corbett casts his eye over the soft drinks & water categories.

Articles by Richard Corbett

Does Fever-Tree have the premium mixer segment sewn up?Can Red Bull stop the Fever-Tree train? - Comment 7 November 2017

This month, Richard Corbett considers Fever-Tree's dominance of the premium mixer segment. Is there still room for any competition? And, if so, who could take a bite out of the group's share?

The breakfast occasion has changed, and so - as a result - has the juice categoryWhy the coffee-consumption trend offers a sparkling future for juice - Comment 3 October 2017

This month, soft drinks commentator Richard Corbett considers how the changing face of coffee consumption in developed markets offers juice companies the chance to reap their rewards.

Nestle took sole control of the Nestea iced tea brand earlier this yearCan soft drinks producers catch the iced tea wave? - Comment 31 August 2017

This month, soft drinks commentator Richard Corbett turns his attention to the weird - and wonderful - world of iced tea, a segment that has been around for far longer than we think.

Flavour innovations, such as Editions from Red Bull, should help drive growth for energy drinksTen reasons why the energy drinks bubble is far from bursting - Comment 1 August 2017

There is plenty of optimism around the future of the global energy drinks category, says Richard Corbett. Here are his ten reasons why the sector will continue to flourish.

Vita Coco was launched in the US in 2004Will PepsiCo 'Live to Tell' a Vita Coco success story? - Comment 28 June 2017

This month, soft drinks commentator Richard Corbett takes a look at Vita Coco, the market-leading coconut water brand that is reportedly in PepsiCo's sights.

Whisper it, but WTO tariffs could benefit the UK's soft drinks industryThe soft drinks opportunity from a hard Brexit - Comment 25 May 2017

It's coming up to a year since the UK shocked itself - and Europe - by voting to leave the European Union. Article 50 has now been triggered and Brexit, we have been told, means Brexit. Richard Corbett considers the likely fallout of the UK's departure for the country's soft drinks industry.

The Coca-Cola Co acquired Glaceau Smartwater in 2007Is Coca-Cola Co making a Smartwater move with Glaceau? - Comment 2 May 2017

Recent activity by The Coca-Cola Co behind Glaceau Smartwater has brought the enhanced water segment under Richard Corbett's nose. What are the company - and the segment's - chances of success?

How soft drinks brands have offended everyone, some of the time - Comment 18 April 2017

In the same month that PepsiCo's knuckles got a consumer-driven wrap, Richard Corbett looks back at the adverts that have tested brand loyalty in the soft drinks arena.

Is PepsiCo's Stubborn Soda range suitable enough to be deemed craft?Where does 'craft' sit in soft drinks? - Comment 28 February 2017

While the term craft continues to dominate many areas of the drinks industry, the soft drinks category appears to be immune to the concept. Richard Corbett considers the opportunity, and looks at those who come closest to donning the craft mantle.

What does 2017 have in store for the soft drinks category?What's coming up in soft drinks in 2017? - Predictions for the Year Ahead - Comment 24 January 2017

just-drinks' preview of the year ahead continues. As our category commentators give us their views on what 2017 has in store, Richard Corbett chips in with his predictions for the soft drinks sector.

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