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Authorities in India have reclassified the tax bracket for carbonated soft drinksAre soft drinks staring into an Indian abyss? - Comment 16 November 2016

This month, Ray Rowlands focuses his attention on the recent announcement that carbonated soft drinks are to be classified as luxury items in India, and considers the disastrous effect the move could have on the country’s soda market.

Dunkin' Donuts and The Coca-Cola Co will work together in the USCoffee and doughnuts – Will The Coca-Cola Co’s Dunkin’ Donuts move pay off? - Comment 25 October 2016

This month, soft drinks commentator Ray Rowlands focuses on the recently-announced marriage between The Coca-Cola Co and coffee house chain Dunkin' Donuts, and contemplates where the tie-up might eventually lead.

Younger LDA drinkers are less interested in alcohol than their forebearsHow soft drinks can exploit alcohol's loss - Comment 15 September 2016

This month, Ray Rowlands explores the world of adult soft drinks and highlights the growing threat they pose to the alcoholic drinks industry.

Bottled water is set to overtake soda in the USWhat does the future hold for bottled water? - Comment 9 August 2016

Bottled water looks set to overtake soda as the number one soft drink choice in the US. Here, Ray Rowlands examines how the global bottled water market has developed and how it will continue to evolve.

The Coca-Cola Co has high hopes for AfricaCoca-Cola Beverages Africa - A new powerhouse is created - Comment 19 July 2016

This month, Ray Rowlands looks at how The Coca-Cola Co, SABMiller, and Gutsche Family Investments have teamed up to create Coca-Cola Beverages Africa, and considers some of its implications for the region.

The purchase of AdeS marks Coca-Cola Co's entry into soy-based beveragesWhy has Coca-Cola Co, Coca-Cola FEMSA entered the soy segment? - Comment 7 June 2016

This month, Ray Rowlands runs the rule over The Coca-Cola Co and Coc-Cola FEMSA's joint purchase of the AdeS soy-based brand and asks, is it really a viable asset or actually a potential liability?

Harvest Hill Beverage Co's Juicy Juice Teasers blend fruit juice with decaffeinated teaThe blurred lines of drinks categories - Comment 12 April 2016

This month, soft drinks commentator Ray Rowlands  takes a look at the intriguing world of cross-over beverages.

The death of carbonated soft drinks, but the fizz lives on - Comment 17 March 2016

This month, soft drinks commentator Ray Rowlands takes a look at how various beverage companies are still keeping bubbles alive, despite the on-going decline in the world's carbonated soft drinks markets.

The Coca-Cola Co has bought a stake in Nigeria's Chi LtdCoca-Cola Co's Nigerian ambitions - Comment 9 February 2016

This month, Ray Rowlands sets his sights on the recently-announced Nigerian venture between The Coca-Cola Co and the Tropical General Investments (TGI) Group.

Is iced coffee the next big soft drinks trend? - Comment 12 January 2016

With the festive season over for another year, Ray Rowlands steps away from the mulled wine and mince pies to consider the progress of the iced coffee segment. In the UK, this is one of the smaller soft drink categories at present, for whom the seasonal window of demand has appeared somewhat limited. But, this may be about to change as exciting developments bolster category interest.

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