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Pete BrownBiography

Pete is a former advertising agency planner and brand consultant, and is now the author of several books on beer, pubs and drinking culture. He also works as a marketing consultant to the brewing industry.


Pete writes regularly about beer and pubs for the Publican and is marketing editor of the Brewers' Guardian, and his work has appeared in national press titles including The Guardian, The Independent, The Times and the Mail on Sunday. He appears on TV and radio, and sits on the committee of the British Guild of Beer Writers, having been named Beer Writer of the Year by the Guild in December 2009.

Pete is the author of the Cask Report, which covers the British cask ale market.

His latest book, Hops and Glory, charts his journey from Burton to Calcutta with a cask of traditionally-brewed IPA, and is out now.

Pete’s blog on beer, brewing and pub industry issues can be viewed here.


Articles by Pete Brown

How to write a winning entry form for a drinks competition - Focus 16 June 2017

It's been a while, but one of our former beer commentators is back on just-drinks. In a guest-posting, Pete Brown considers what it takes to pull together an attention-grabbing awards submission.

Comment - Beer - Feeling Down on the Up Escalator 20 November 2012

It's time for a little bit of politics, ladies & gentlemen. Pete Brown takes a look at the success - or not - of a petition in the UK against rising alcohol duty.

Comment - Beer - It IS About Where You're From 25 October 2012

Pete Brown has been lied to. This has rattled his cage somewhat. He doesn't like being lied to, and nor, he suggests, do beer consumers. Especially when it comes to the small matter of provenance.

Comment - Beer - Beer's Future: Good? Bad? Good? Bad? 17 September 2012

Pete Brown is caught in two minds this month. Whilst looking at the global beer landscape he can't decide whether the outlook is either good or bad. That's not because he can't make his mind up; that's because he thinks it is both.

What has the Olympic Games taught us about event sponsorship?Comment - Beer - London 2012: The Lesson for Sponsors 14 August 2012

Big companies draping their names over an event through sponsorship does not necessarily hold sway over increasingly savvy consumers, argues Hackney-dwelling Pete Brown. These days people want something in return.

Comment - Beer - Craft Beer & Big Brewers: It Can Be Done 24 July 2012

Using Pete Brown's analogy - more of which follows - the craft brewers of this world are the Gorky's Zygotic Mynci to Anheuser-Busch InBev's U2, or the Ramona Falls to Carlsberg's Coldplay. Confused? Pete, it's over to you.

Pete Brown sings the praises of Budejovicky Budvar - for more reasons than oneComment - Beer - Nationalised vs Privatised 21 June 2012

As a self-confessed left-leaner, Pete Brown isn't the biggest fan of plc's. This month, he looks at Budejovicky Budvar, a state-owned brewery that, surprise surprise, he's quite a fan of.

Comment - Beer - Twitter: Small Beer for Brewers 1 June 2012

This month, Pete Brown, fervent Twitterer, looks at the social media site and considers how the brewing world is talking to its consumers. If they're talking at all.

Comment - Beer - Craft Beer: Bigger? Better? Faster? More? 24 April 2012

Visiting New York earlier this month, Pete Brown had a 'eureka' moment. Naturally, it followed a visit to a brewery, and came during a conversation with some beer marketing folk.

Could the cider category teach the beer industry a thing or two? Pete Brown certainly thinks soComment - Beer - It's a Cider the Times 29 March 2012

This month, Pete Brown turns his attention to the cider category and finds that the brewers could learn alot from their fruity cousins.

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