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Organic vines next to conventional vines in southern France. EUROPE: EU agrees organic wine standard

8 February 2012

Wine producers in the European Union (EU) will be able to use the term “organic wine” on labels for the first time, starting from this year’s harvest, according to new rules.

The Future for Drinks - Part I: Functionality, Health, Individualisation to Reign

29 September 2011

In part one of this month's management briefing, MJ Deschamps considers the roles that functionality, health and wellness and technology will play in shaping the consumer - and his beverage choices - in the future.

The Future for Drinks - Part II: Ingredients, Packaging Interaction Key for Future Products

29 September 2011

The second part of September's management briefing, which shines the spotlight on what the future holds for the drinks industry, MJ Deschamps looks at the rising importance of packaging to differentiate a product.

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