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Max Warner, Chivas brand ambassador

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Japan - home of the Highball serve that has given Scotch a welcome boostThe Highball - Japan's biggest contribution to the Scotch whisky category - Industry Comment 13 July 2017

There can be little debate about the role the Highball serve has had in Scotch whisky's performance in Japan. The serve - comprising whisky, water and ice - is Japan's most famous drink, as well as the country's biggest contribution to modern drinking society.

Tel Aviv is a challenging city in which to run a barTel Aviv - The city's on-premise trends 13 June 2016

just-drinks is launching a new series of regular articles, in which we take a closer look at the on-trade trends that are emerging in cities across the world. This month, Chivas brand ambassador Max Warner talks about the drinks, spirits and cultural trends driving the bar scene in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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