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The ban on alcohol outlets near India's highways came into effect over the weekendDrinks industry "shocked" as India's highway liquor ban kicks in 3 April 2017

The ban on alcohol sales near India's roads has come into effect, with even more outlets being affected than originally expected.

PepsiCo "disheartened" by claims linking water use to Kerala drought 10 March 2017

PepsiCo has countered the latest claims that its use of water in Kerala is contributing to a drought in the Indian state.

The ban on alcohol outlets near India's roads is due to come into effect next monthIndia faces alcohol outlet ban challenge 6 March 2017

Two Indian states are challenging the pending introduction of a ban on liquor vendors operating near the country's roads.

The report, which considers the different generations of drinks consumers, was published this weekGenerational awareness key to drinks brands success - research 5 January 2017

Drinks brands and retailers must secure an understanding of the differing generational buying characteristics and behaviours among consumers, a new report from just-drinks has warned.

India's government is looking to introduce a nation-wide Goods & Services TaxIndia Beverage Association attacks CSD tax rise proposal 7 November 2016

The Indian Beverage Association (IBA) has expressed its disappointment at the country's decision to heavily tax carbonated soft drinks in the country.

United Spirits, formerly part of the UB Group, is 55%-controlled by DiageoVijay Mallya has United Spirits shares seized in money laundering probe 6 September 2016

India’s Enforcement Directorate has seized assets from the former chairman of United Spirits, Vijay Mallya, that include shares in the Diageo-controlled division.

Think your brand is 'craft'? Think againDrinks industry rocked by trademarking of ‘craft’ 1 April 2016

The drinks industry was sent into panic today when it emerged that a start-up brewery in the US has snapped up the global trademark rights for the term ‘craft’.

Coca-Cola India suspends production at three plants 12 February 2016

The Indian unit of Coca-Cola has suspended operations in three of its plants in the country, citing low demand and absence of economic viability.

UK fruit juices, energy and juice drinks sales struggle as war on sugar rages - research 25 January 2016

The UK market for fruit juices, energy and juice drinks is estimated to have fallen in 2015 by 0.6% in value terms and by 0.8% in volume terms compared to the previous year, according to a recently-published report by market intelligence provider, Key Note.

Kerala’s bars hit by Supreme Court prohibition ruling 6 January 2016

The popular Indian tourist destination of Kerala state started the new year with hundreds of bars remaining closed, after a Supreme Court ruling upheld the state government’s ‘partial prohibition’ policy.

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