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Indoggo Gin will be available nation-wide from 2021Snoop Dogg’s Indoggo Gin - Product Launch - Gin in the US data 2 September 2020

American actor and rapper Snoop Dogg has lined up the release of its first owned spirits brand in the US.

Carlsberg has launched a number of brewery initiatives to reduce wastagejust-drinks to host global brewing sustainability forum 7 August 2020

A just-drinks online roundtable is to discuss how breweries can reduce their environment impact and offer practical advice on sustainability.

Distance-measuring wristbands trialled at production facility - reports 17 April 2020

A group of workers at a Ford manufacturing plant in the US are experimenting with wearable social distancing devices that could be deployed more widely, including in drinks production.

Global drinks deals in Q1 2019 - data 1 May 2019

A total of US$1.64bn changed hands in the global drinks industry during the first quarter of this year, according to a deals database collated by GlobalData.

Peak Gin hits the shelves this weekjust-drinks launches Peak Gin 1 April 2019

just-drinks has joined the 'ginaissance' with the launch of its very own gin brand.

Eight innovations to help connect with consumers and inspire future NPD - Focus 5 March 2019

Category analysts at data provider GlobalData have selected their favourite consumer product innovations from 2018 that they believe stand out from the crowd and connect with consumers. The company's latest consumer report, 'GlobalData's Favorite Innovations of 2018', features around 30 of the most innovative and novel products from last year, providing insight into the variety of innovation in the FMCG market as well as in foodservice. Here, are eight innovations taken from the report that have been selected from five different innovation areas - flavours, ingredients, packaging, marketing and technology.

Why mental health benefits offer soft drinks opportunities in Europe - Analysis 8 February 2019

Mental health is a pressing concern around the world with many consumers turning to health-enhancing ingredients to help relieve a range of conditions including stress, anxiety and insomnia.

Consumers are increasingly interested in what goes into food and drink, as well as how it will affect their bodies Get ready to spend to ride personalised nutrition trend - just-drinks FUTURES 16 January 2019

The lack of solid scientific evidence will hold back the development of personalised nutrition, according to the latest report from FUTURES - the new insights service from just-drinks and just-food.

Plastic waste may become a thing of the past, the new just-drinks FUTURES report claimsFood and drinks firms must consider a world without plastic - research 12 December 2018

Food and drinks producers must challenge their suppliers to produce more environmentally friendly packaging now or risk being at the mercy of a future ‘plastic tax’ according to the the latest report from FUTURES - the new insights service from just-food and just-drinks.

As cannabis continues to be legalised, we look at the implications for the future of the drinks industry The future of cannabis in the drinks industry - FREE report from just-drinks FUTURES 14 November 2018

The future of cannabis in the food and beverage industries will be worth billions, according to the latest report from FUTURES - the new insights service from just-drinks.

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