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Comment - Spirits - Buxton: Banging the DramComment - Spirits - Buxton: Banging the Dram

Augmenting our spirits coverage, Ian Buxton will be casting his eye over the brown side of the sector on a monthly basis.

Articles by Ian Buxton

Comment - Spirits - 'Craft' and the Danger of 'Romance Copy' 26 March 2015

A storm appears to be brewing in the spirits category and it's a storm borne out of marketing. Can spirits companies settle the terminology tiff before things get out of hand, or is it too late? Ian Buxton investigates.

Would you describe Jameson, which accounts for 62% of all Irish whiskey sales. as Comment - Spirits - Where does 'Craft' End and 'Mass' Begin? 24 February 2015

In spirits, the craft segment is making hay, with consumers buying into the category's more artisanal, less global approach. But, where is the line drawn between craft distilling and mass distilling? Ian Buxton investigates.

Is the Scotch whisky category on the way down?Comment - Spirits - Where Next for Scotch Whisky? 29 January 2015

The Scotch whisky category appears to have hit a tipping point. What does the future look like for the until-recently booming category? Ian Buxton voices his concerns.

Can dark rum stand out from the crowd?Comment - Spirits - Is the Golden Age of Rum Upon Us? 4 December 2014

Long touted as the natural successor to single malt whiskies, premium and super-premium rums have yet to make a dramatic impact on consumers. Could that be about to change? Ian Buxton takes a closer look.

Scotch whisky exports slipped 11% in 2013 Comment - Spirits - Has Scotch Whisky Jumped the Shark? 30 October 2014

It may be age, but spirits commentator Ian Buxton is feeling somewhat jaded at the moment. Efforts by some Scotch whisky producers to entice consumers to trade up have left Buxton asking: Is the category at its 'shark-jumping' peak?

Comment - Scotch Whisky around the World 7 October 2014

“May you live in interesting times.” That ancient Chinese proverb, surely apocryphal but horribly apt, seems to apply more than ever to Scotch whisky.

Scotland takes to the polls today to vote on its independenceComment - Spirits - Scottish Independence and the Scotch Whisky Industry 18 September 2014

The time is finally here: Today, Scotland decides. Will The Union remain or is Scotland set to declare its independence from the UK? With the country taking to the polls, Ian Buxton takes one final look at what the result of the vote will mean for the Scotch whisky industry.

Diageo launched its Distill Ventures project last yearComment - Spirits - Diageo's Distill Ventures: One Year On 2 September 2014

Last month, Diageo confirmed that it was upping the intake of its entrepreneur initiative project, Distill Ventures. Ian Buxton speaks to Frank Lampen, the unit's chief tasting officer, to learn how Distill Ventures is working out for the drinks giant.

The new just-drinks/The IWSR Cognac report has launched this weekComment - Spirits - Cognac: Chinese Walls and Chinese Whispers 13 August 2014

Can China – the great driver of high-end volumes for Cognac – recover its lost glories in 2015, or is that market going to drift lower?

What can we expect from BrewDogComment - Spirits - BrewDog's Spirit Offerings: A Theory 1 August 2014

With reports last month that BrewDog is poised to enter the spirits category, Ian Buxton mulls what we can expect in the years to come from the off-the-wall brewer.

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