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Poisoning threat prompts Coke Light withdrawal from Greek supermarkets 21 December 2016

Coca-Cola Light is among a raft of FMCG brands to have been removed from supermarket shelves in Greece after threats of contamination were posted on a website in the country.

Comment - Why a Level Playing Field for Small Brewers is Vital to the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership 17 March 2015

A significant obstacle to European beer’s growth in the US is the unfair tax treatment for Europe’s smaller brewers when compared to their US counterparts, argues The Brewers of Europe's secretary general, Pierre-Olivier Bergeron.

Focus - Government, Industry want Minimum Alcohol Pricing in Scotland 16 September 2014

Although the Scottish Government's initiative to put a minimum unit pricing (MUP) on alcohol has been referred to the European Court of Justice, some members of Scotland's alcohol industry are backing the initiative to tackle alcohol harm in the country.

Focus - The Nuances of ‘Responsible Drinking’ - SpiritsEurope DG 23 April 2014

For an industry body, passing on the message that consumers may want to buy less of your product may seem suicidal. Yet this is what SpiritsEurope is attempting to do with the concept of 'responsible drinking'.

EUR: French study revives alcohol-related deaths debate 15 April 2013

An industry-funded research institute is calling for better methods to evaluate mortality attributable to alcohol, after the publication of a study that claimed alcohol causes 49,000 premature deaths per year in France.

Focus - Fighting Alcohol Harm: The European Union's Strategy Under Review - Part I 11 April 2013

Europeans have the highest per-capita consumption of alcohol, and drinking causes nearly 1-in-10 cases of ill health and premature death, according to EU data. The European Commission’s informal alcohol strategy, launched in 2006, is set for a detailed evaluation in 2013, with the policy objective of reducing the health and social harm caused by excessive alcohol consumption.

Focus - Fighting Alcohol Harm: The European Union's Strategy Under Review - Part II 11 April 2013

In the second part of this analysis of the European Union's review of its strategy to combat alcohol harm across the region, EurActiv details the issues that have to be considered.

Focus - Fighting Alcohol Harm: The European Union's Strategy Under Review - Part III 11 April 2013

The third and final part of EurActiv's analysis of the European Union's alcohol harm reduction strategy focuses on the different positions being taken on different issues in different regions.

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