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Chris Losh has been writing about drinks for 15 years and still doesn’t wear a tweed jacket.

He has edited Wine and Spirit International and Wine Magazine. He has written columns for just-drinks for ten years and is never short of opinions, some of which may even not be completely wrong.

Columns by Chris Losh

Comment - Wine - The Losh CauseComment - Wine - The Losh Cause

Chris Losh looks at the latest issues affecting the global wine industry.

Articles by Chris Losh

Is the wine industry bamboozling consumers with too much information?Why is wine getting more complicated in an age of simplicity? - Comment 5 March 2019

In his latest missive for just-drinks, wine commentator Chris Losh voices his concerns about what he sees as the over-complication of the category at a time when consumers are craving less detail, not more.

Will the INAO project help future-proof France's vineyards?How to adapt to changing trends in wine - A case-study - Comment 5 February 2019

The wine category has long had a reputation for being too slow to react to changing trends, both among consumers and within the industry. Chris Losh highlights a bold move to right these wrongs, from - of all places - France.

What does 2019 have in store for the wine category?What's coming up in wine in 2019? - Predictions for the Year Ahead - Comment 10 January 2019

This month, our category commentators are lining up to share with us their thoughts on how 2019 will shape their respective sectors. Here's Chris Losh, our wine expert, with his take on the year ahead.

It takes about 8,500 litres of water to irrigate one hectare of vines for an hourWhy water will be more important than wine in the years ahead - Comment 13 November 2018

Changes to the global climate have long had an effect on wine producers. Recent extremes, however, have upped the ante. Wine commentator Chris Losh considers the drought-affected landscape of today, and warns of how the situation will likely deteriorate tomorrow.

Domestic production could squeeze the world's wine producers as they clamber for success in ChinaWhy the world's wine producers won't have it all their own way in China - Comment 11 October 2018

Fresh off the plane after a trip to China, just-drinks' wine commentator, Chris Losh, brings us his take on the category in the country and finds that the greater threat to success for the world's wine producers comes from within.

While cannabis is thought to be a threat to the beer category, wine companies should also pay heed to the changing legal landscapeWhy wine is dangerously exposed to the cannabis tidal wave - Comment 6 September 2018

just-drinks' regular wine commentator Chris Losh has been away this summer. While away, has he been smoking something? If he has, it's given him something to warn the global wine category about.

How will the future wine retail landscape look?What will the wine consumer of the future look like? - Comment 10 July 2018

Chris Losh is looking to the future in this, his latest postcard from the far edges of wine. Our wine category commentator reports this month on how the consumer of tomorrow is shaping up.

Can the natural wine segment get its cues to chime with the demands of the Millennial consumer?Can 'natural wine' ride the Millennial wave? - Comment 14 June 2018

just-drinks' wine commentator, Chris Losh, wants to tell you a story. A story about 'natural wine'. So, join him, as we travel back in time to a more innocent time...

Concha y Toro has adopted a strategy that sacrifices volumes for the sake of growing valueWhat can the wine industry learn from Concha y Toro? - Comment 15 May 2018

When the aristocratic Don Melchor de Casa Concha wanted to keep thirsty winery workers from drinking his best wine, he made up a story that the devil lived in the wine cellar where the barrels were kept. It was a high-risk strategy.

The differing fortunes for Accolade Wines and Conviviality have laid bare the good and the bad of the wine categoryAccolade Wines and Conviviality - The best and the worst of wine? - Comment 9 April 2018

A supernova of activity, relatively speaking, in the wine industry last week has sent our wine commentator, Chris Losh, into a literary tailspin. Accolade Wines and Conviviality are to blame.

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