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Chris Losh

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Chris Losh has been writing about drinks for 15 years and still doesn’t wear a tweed jacket.

He has edited Wine and Spirit International and Wine Magazine. He has written columns for just-drinks for ten years and is never short of opinions, some of which may even not be completely wrong.

Columns by Chris Losh

Comment - Wine - The Losh CauseComment - Wine - The Losh Cause

Chris Losh looks at the latest issues affecting the global wine industry.

Articles by Chris Losh

Could the wine trade introduce a bottle returns scheme?Where does the wine trade fit in the great recycling debate? - Comment 15 February 2018

Soft drinks firms have long been under scrutiny when it comes to single-use plastic bottles. As the debate widens out to encompass more industries and all forms of sustainability, Chris Losh looks at what it means for the wine trade. 

Category commentator Chris Losh looks at what 2018 has in store for the wine industryWhat's coming up in wine in 2018? - Predictions for the Year Ahead - Comment 11 January 2018

This month sees just-drinks let its category commentators loose on the year ahead. Here, Chris Losh tells us how he sees 2018 panning out for the global wine category.

The vineyards of the world have had a torrid 2017Why 2017 has been the most dramatic year in living memory for wine - Comment 15 November 2017

As 2017  draws to a close, Chris Losh looks back at a year that will go down in history as a major turning point for the global wine industry.

Why the wine industry is failing women - Comment 12 October 2017

Chris Losh returns this month to look at the gender gap in the wine industry, although his observations could quite easily apply to all drinks sectors, indeed, to industry in general.

Pernod Ricard's wine portfolio is dominated by New Zealand's Brancott Estate, Spain's Campo Viejo and Australia's Jacob's CreekWhy is Pernod Ricard the only major multi-category player still in wine? - Comment 19 September 2017

It's a question that has been asked a thousand times. But, Chris Losh is nothing if not persistent, especially at a time when other multi-category companies are giving wine the big heave-ho.

California's wine producers may not be having as good a time of things as recent figures suggestWhy California must wage wine wars on all fronts - Comment 13 July 2017

This month, wine commentator Chris Losh heads to California and discovers a wine region buoyed by healthy figures but weighed down by matters below the surface.

Marlborough is today one of the best-known wine regions in the worldWhy Marlborough is looking to up its New World wine game - Comment 7 June 2017

This month, wine commentator Chris Losh heads to Marlborough in New Zealand, to see how some folk in the wine region are trying to make its wine less 'meh' and more ... more.

April's warm snap did nothing to ease the worries of Europe's winegrowersCan Europe's wine industry weather the weather? - Comment 12 May 2017

A recent warm spell has thrown wine commentator Chris Losh out of kilter. But, if you think he's got problems, consider what these weather blips do for Europe's wine producers.

There is a huge gab between the top and bottom end of the wine market As the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, how long before wine faces its own revolution? - Comment 12 April 2017

Much has been made over the last year of the 'silent majority'; the long-suffering populations who have seen much of what they believed in eroded, their jobs migrated and workplaces closed, their standard of living on a seemingly endless downward curve. Chris Losh says the same headwinds are being felt across the wine world.  

Could a dizzying array of varietals shape the future for Australia's wine producers?What does the future look like for Australian wine? - Comment 21 March 2017

Earlier this year, Chris Losh attended an Australian tasting in the UK and got a glimpse of the future for the country's wine producers. Here's what he saw.

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