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What does the future hold for low- and no-alcohol? - analysis 3 January 2020

The no-alcohol drinks segment has been gaining increasing attention in light of the booming health & wellness trend. Callum Tyndall talks to those within the industry to learn about the state of the sector and where it's heading.

The UK's departure from the European Union is set to dominate the country's General Election on 12 DecemberProtecting the brand - What does Brexit mean for drinks trademarks? - analysis 12 November 2019

The UK's pending departure from the European Union has raised a variety of uncertainties for the drinks industry, not least how to ensure its continued safety in the wake of changing regulations and agreements. One of the less explored areas is how such changes may affect trademarks and intellectual property. Callum Tyndall investigates.

Youth gone wild - How young consumers are transforming brands - analysis 17 October 2019

As younger consumers continue to dominate the trends driving FMCGs, GlobalData's Callum Tyndall finds out how packaging is being adapted to cater to them.

Packaging is one part of the supply chain where digitalisation will be transformativeWhy the drinks industry need to prepare for the digitalisation of the supply chain - Focus 25 June 2019

Technology has rapidly changed industry and digitalisation is now transforming the supply chain. With packaging closely tied to not just its own supply chain but also those of the food & beverage industries, how is digitalisation causing it to evolve? Callum Tyndall examines the transformation.

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