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Ben Cooper is just-drinks' sustainable business editor and specialises in business ethics, corporate social responsibility, policy issues and sustainability. He holds MAs from Cambridge University and the University of London, respectively in Social and Political Sciences and Social Policy.

He joined the just-drinks editorial team in 2000 and today works across both just-drinks and just-food, while also writing occasionally for just-style.

In addition to his regular features, Ben has written numerous in-depth management briefings on issues such as alcohol policy, sponsorship, the Fairtrade market, the use of food colourings and environmental issues facing the clothing industry. He also writes regularly for Ethical Corporation magazine which specialises in the corporate social responsibility field.

He lives in London where he also works as a professional singer.

Columns by Ben Cooper

Sustainability in DrinksSustainability in Drinks

Every month, Ben Cooper casts his eye over sustainability efforts in the global drinks industry.

Consumer TrendsConsumer Trends

Each month, Ben Cooper casts his eye over emerging trends that could be of use to drinks companies and their brands

Articles by Ben Cooper

The drinks industry must tighten up its game when it comes to water usage, argues CeresIs yours one of the drinks companies failing the water management challenge? - Sustainability Spotlight, Part II 9 October 2017

In the second part of this month's Sustainability Spotlight, Ben Cooper continues his review of the findings from a new report from Ceres on water stewardship, which identifies the leaders and the laggards in the beverage sector, as well as flags the issues that require particular attention.

A recent report from Ceres has given many drinks companies food - or water - for thoughtIs yours one of the drinks companies failing the water management challenge? - Sustainability Spotlight, Part I 6 October 2017

The beverage sector's performance on water stewardship has come under close scrutiny with the publication of a new report from sustainability non-profit organisation Ceres. In a two-part special feature, Ben Cooper examines Ceres' findings and what they say about the beverage sector's response to arguably the most challenging sustainability issue it faces.

Could we see alcohol companies targeting under-LDA consumers in the future?What does alcohol's future look like? - Sustainability Spotlight 12 September 2017

Recent weeks have seen the publication of reports detailing the contrasting drinking habits of younger and older consumers. Ben Cooper ponders what they mean for the long-term sustainability of the alcohol sector.

Why drinks companies will struggle to break Generation Z - Consumer Trends 7 September 2017

This month, Ben Cooper examines what a new report from marketing consultants Protein on Generation Z - or Gen Z - consumers may mean for marketers, particularly for those in the drinks arena.

Many drinks brands are making sustainability a major message in their marketingHow brands are looking to utilise sustainability to connect with consumers - Sustainability Spotlight 8 August 2017

In late-July, Coca-Cola European Partners unveiled an increased 2020 target for recycled content in its plastic bottles in the UK. just-drinks' sustainability commentator, Ben Cooper, believes this news also underlines the role that brands can play in encouraging consumers to recycle.

Non-alcoholic drinks will become a part of established drinking occasionsNon-alcoholic growth is about seeking, not avoiding – Consumer Trends 2 August 2017

A new generation of non-alcoholic drinks, and the growth they are achieving, is deservedly generating excitement in the drinks sector. The key to capitalising on the non-alcoholic revolution, Ben Cooper writes, is understanding that consumers are making a positive choice - seeking something rather simply looking to avoid alcohol.

Carlsberg is aiming to cut carbon emissions from its breweries to zero by 2030just-drinks speaks to Carlsberg's sustainability director, Simon Boas Hoffmeyer - Sustainability Spotlight 11 July 2017

Last month, Carlsberg unveiled ambitious long-term sustainability targets, including a commitment to achieve zero carbon emissions from its breweries by 2030. The company's sustainability director, Simon Boas Hoffmeyer, spoke with Ben Cooper about the rationale behind the new long-range targets.

Last month, President Trump waved goodbye to the Paris climate accordDrinks industry focuses on road ahead after Trump's Paris climate agreement decision – Sustainability Spotlight 3 July 2017

Last month, Donald Trump followed through on his campaign pledge to pull the US out of the Paris climate accord. Ben Cooper looks at how the drinks sector has responded and what US withdrawal means, both for global efforts to address climate change and for multinational beverage corporations.

Consumers are protesting more and trusting lessWhy brands should tap into consumers' beliefs and values - Consumer Trends 29 June 2017

Recent research from global marketing consultancy Edelman reveals consumers are increasingly inclined to choose brands on the basis of shared values. Communicating ethical positions through brand marketing can, therefore, offer significant new opportunities to build brand loyalty but, Ben Cooper writes, belief-driven consumers expect companies to act in accordance with those beliefs, and not just espouse them.

The UK Government triggered Article 50 on 29 March. The two sides are due to start negotiations next weekHas industry gained a greater say on Brexit after UK election? - Focus 14 June 2017

Predictions that last week's UK General Election would be all about Brexit turned out to be inaccurate, but it is without doubt the issue dominating its fallout. Ben Cooper assesses the likelihood of a significant change in the UK's Brexit strategy.

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