The IWSR's Ecuador report has shown that 2007 saw a significant increase in consumption of still light wine.

As producing countries, the greatest beneficiaries of Ecuador's increased wine consumption were near neighbours Argentina and Chile, but four European producer countries also registered growth of over 30% in their exports to Ecuador. Local wine production accounted for just 7% of consumption in 2007, down from 11% in 2006.

Wine is increasingly being consumed with meals in Ecuador, at the expense of whisky, the report noted. Increased border controls imposed by the Government have resulted in a reduction in parallel imports, particularly of whisky. This has led more consumers to turn their attention to wine, as has the increase from 35% to 40% in the special consumer tax on spirits imposed by president Rafael Correa following his election in 2006.

Nor was growth restricted to still light wine: sparkling wine consumption in Ecuador showed very strong growth too, the bulk of it in the imported sector. Sparkling wine is becoming increasingly popular throughout the year rather than being restricted to celebrations; the single biggest-selling imported brand is Chile's Concha y Toro Supercasseaux, which accounts for about 20% of the imported market.