Earlier this week, US trade body the Brewers Association released its craft beer volumes and sales figures in the country for 2016. Here, just-drinks provides an overview of the craft beer sector in the US over the past few years.

US Craft Breweries 2009-2016

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Source: Brewers Association

As the number of craft breweries continues to increase, the sector has become more competitive. According to the Brewers Association, most of the growth is coming from the smallest breweries, although some in the industry believe a craft beer reckoning is on the way that will see a number of breweries go to the wall.

US Volume Share for Craft Brewers 2011-2016

Source: Brewers Association

Volume share for the craft beer segment within the overall category in the US continues to climb, but at a much slower rate than before. Part of the problem is that big brewers such as Anheuser-Busch InBev are taking large chunks of volume out of the sector through their acquisition strategies. That said, the Brewers Association notes that craft volumes growth (1.4m barrels) still managed to outstrip those losses through M&A (1.2m barrels).

US Craft Brewer Volumes 2009-2016

Source: Brewers Association

Volumes in the US craft segment have been slowing for a couple of years now. The trend has hit the larger  raft brewers hardest, with DG Yuengling & Sons, The Boston Beer Co, New Belgium and Sierra Nevada all reporting volumes drops. Yuengling has recently overhauled its packaging, while Boston Beer has initiated a number of reviews in a bid to kickstart performance.