The IWSR Real 100 Spirits Brands Worldwide - The Facts

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The IWSR's annual top 100 list of global spirits by volume has just been released, and on the whole, it is very much like last year's. Hite-Jinro's Jinro easily holds on to its commanding position at the top - the South Korean soju sold more than the brands in second and third combined - while there was only a minor shuffling of places in the top 10.

Further down the list, however, a few surprises creep in. There are 19 vodkas in the top 100, but only four managed to improve their standings. One of them, the Fifth Generation-owned US vodka Tito's increased volumes by 38% to jump 47 places to 46th. Meanwhile, Ukrainian vodka Khortytsa, owned by Global Spirits, increased volumes by 47% to move from 51st to 33rd.

Indian spirits were among the biggest losers as the domestic market went through a number of changes, not least the withdrawal of the INR500 (US$7.40) and INR1,000 notes as legal tender. ABD's Officer's Choice may remain the world's biggest selling brown spirit and stay second on the IWSR top 100 list, but volumes were down 5%. Diageo's McDowell's Whisky (6th) and McDowell's No.1 dark rum (14th) also lost volumes. Pernod Ricard had better luck - its Indian whiskies Imperial Blue (10th) and Royal Stag (12th) both jumped two places as volumes grew.

Despite the losses, Diageo remained the most represented company in the top 100, with 19 brands. It will surely hope that new acquisition, the George Clooney-backed Casamigos Tequila, may one day feature on the list. But despite the current excitement around the category, only one Tequila brand made it in to the top 100, Proximo's Jose Curevo.

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The Real 100 Spirits Brands Worldwide

Rank 2016Rank 2015BrandCategoryOwnerVolume 2016 by nine-litre case% Change 2015-2016% CAGR 2011-2016
22Officer's ChoiceIndian whiskeyABD32.3m-5.113.5%
33Ruang KaoThai rumThai Beverage31.2m-1.90.2
57Chum ChurumSojuLotte26.1m15.1
66McDowell’s WhiskyIndian whiskeyDiageo25.6m-2.38.7
88Hong TongThai rumThai Beverage20.7m413.9
99Good DaySojuMuhak19.1m-0.63.5
1012Imperial BlueIndian whiskeyPernod Ricard18m2.920.2
1110Johnnie WalkerScotch whiskyDiageo17.9m-1.40.5
1214Royal StagIndian whiskeyPernod Ricard17.1m3.406.4
1411McDowell’s No.1 (Celebration) Rum DarkRumDiageo16.1m-9.40.8
1515Cachaça 51Cachaça Muller15.5m-1.1-3.8
1616Jack Daniel’sUS whiskeyBrown-Forman15.23.16.2
1928San MiguelGinSan Miguel11.3m7.60.5
2019Old TavernIndian WhiskeyDiageo11.2m-4.80.2
21*27JingBaijiuJing brand11.1m11N/A
2227Kirishima OtsuShochuKirishima Shuzo11m10.79.7
2320AbsolutVodkaPernod Ricard10.9m0.5-0.3
2421Captain MorganRumDiageo10.9m0.13.2
2523PituCachaça Pitu10.8m2.11
2622Original ChoiceIndian WhiskeyJohn Distillers10.1-5.5-1.2
2725McDowell's BrandyBrandyDiageo10.1m-1.1-5.1
2826Jun/Legend KohShochuTakara Shuzo10m-2.8-4.8
2929HaywardIndian whiskeyDiageo8.9m11.17.6
3033Jim BeamUS whiskeyBeam Suntory8.2m8.76.8
3131Iichiko OtsuShochuSanwa Shurui7.7m-1.2-1.3
3230BagpiperIndian WhiskeyDiageo7.6m-5-13.9
3351KhortytsaVodkaGlobal Spirits7.5m46.73.7
3432Velho BarreiroCachaça Tatuzinho7.3m-1.11.7
3635Khlibniy DarVodkaBayadera7m3.10.7
3836Crown RoyalCanadian whiskyDiageo6.7m1.96.3
4038Director's SpecialIndian whiskeyDiageo6.7m9.1-2.2
4139Ballantine'sScotch whiskyPernod Ricard6.5m7.90.9
4348Grand RoyalBurmese whiskeyInter Bev6.2m14.38.6
4441Distilleries of Sri LankaArrackDistillers of Sri Lanka6.2m7.7-1.1
4547Blender's PrideIndian whiskyPernod Ricard6.1m1112.2
4740CuervoAgave-based SpiritProximo5.9m21.4
4849JamesonIrish whiskeyPernod Ricard5.9m12.410.1
49648PMIndian whiskeyRadico Khaitan5.9m34.87.4
5050Fireball Cinnamon ShotCanadian whiskySazarac5.8m11.972.6
5145GSM BlueGinSan Miguel5.7m3.6-1
52*46Jagatjit AristocratIndian whiskey5.5m-0.9-10.5
5452Zoladkowa Gorzka VodkaStock Spirits5.1m1.8-2.7
5555Zubrówka VodkaRoust5m55.1
5646Blend 285Ersatz whiskeyThai Bev4.9m-11.8-9.1
5773Royal ChallengeIndian whiskeyDiageo4.8m26.130.7
5853YpiocaCachaça Diageo4.7m-3.9-1.3
5975 Rancho Escondido Agave-based Spirit Grupo Corona4.7m25.59.8
6054Ricard PastisPernod Ricard4.7m-2.5-2.5
6159Antioqueño Antioqueño Fabrica Licorera de Antioquia 4.7m1.41.6
6244Yipsejoo SojuBohae4.6m-17.3-8.9
6462KrupnikVodkaMarie Brizard4.6m3.40.4
6560Chivas RegalScotch whiskyPernod Ricard4.5m-0.5-1.5
6663Grant'sScotch whiskyWilliam Grant & Sons4.4m0.8-2.1
6868Havana ClubRumPernod Ricard4.2m4.71.7
6958SuntoryJapanese whiskeyBeam Suntory4.1m-5.3-3.6
7069Honey BeeIndian BrandyDiageo4.1m2-2.9
7169Green MarkVodkaRoust4.1m-7.3-16.4
72*84MoutaiBaijiuKweichow Moutai 4.1m1913.2
7356Pyat OzerVodkaAlcohol Siberian Group4.1m-11.5-9
7466Grey GooseVodkaBacardi4m-0.81.3
7570Old MonkRumMohan Meakin4m1.2-6.2
7667Stolichnaya VodkaSPI Group3.9m-1.82.2
7872Juhyo Koh ShochuBeam Suntory3.9m-1.5-7.9
7974Magic MomentsVodkaRadico Khaitan3.8m2.110.9
8080Belenkaya VodkaSygroup3.7m8.1-12.6
8185 Bombay Sapphire GinBacardi3.7m12.610.5
8276C1 SojuSojuDaesun3.6m-1.4-7.7
8384Old Admiral Indian BrandyRadico Khaitan3.5m51.1
8483MalibuLiqueursPernod Ricard3.5m20.2
8589New AmsterdamVodkaE&J Gallo3.44m4.8114.7
8678J&BScotch whiskyDiageo3.42m-2.1-5.2
8782Kanoka KohShochuAsahi3.37m-1.4-0.8
8881Hakata-No-Hana Otsu ShochuShochuFokutokunaga Shurai 3.36m2.21
89103AperolBitters/Spirits AperitifsCampari3.36m15.66.8
9087Mansion HouseIndia BrandyTilaknagar 3.35m1.5-9.1
9179Kyogetsu Koh Shochu Lotte3.34m-3.9-2.1
9393E&JBrandyE&J Gallo3.24m5.11.4
9496CampariBitters/Spirit Aperitifs Campari3.24m7.23.7
96100NikkaJapanese whiskeyAsahi3.21m9.38
9786 Sorekara Otsu Shochu Sassyu Hamadaya 3.15m1.46.3
9877Yeni Raki Aniseed Diageo3.14m-12.6-4.8
9998Russian StandardVodkaRoust3.12m4.55.6
10097Famous GrouseScotch whiskyEdrington3.05m1.70.6

Source: The IWSR

Sectors: Spirits

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