Whatever your sport, the South Beach Beverage Co. claims to have it bottled, with its UK launch of SoBe tailor-made drinks.

Engineered for different sports hobbies and individual active lifestyles, the SoBe range is apparently "high in taste and low in calories", a natural fruit drink which is enhanced with herbs, amino acids and other ingredients known to help develop mind, body and spirit.

From joggers to yogic flyers, snow boarders to busy mums, South Beach says there's a SoBe for everyone.

The Lizard line is high in energy-giving properties and is aimed at the alternative sport fans and features dual lizards on the label. The neck of the bottle has an embossed, sculpted lizard which is the brand's icon and mascot.

Powerline is available in three flavours - Citrus Punch; Red Fruit Punch and Orange Mango and "the ideal drink for activities which require sustained physical performance," claims the company.

SoBe Lean is for the weekend gym fanatic boasting natural metabolic enhancers and essential vitamins and 3C Elixers are fruit juices, ideal for weight-assisted training or high-octane sports. Finally, the Essentials are two drinks combining herbs with naturally healthy green tea and soy.

SoBe is available in colourful 591ml bottles, in the UK and the US, and can be purchased at convenience stores, select restaurants, hotels and grocery stores. Its recommended retail price is £1.49.

For further information on the SoBe range, email: sobe@fbg.co.uk alternatively visit the South Beach Beverage Co. website at www.sobebev.com.

Sarah Diston