Global growth Source : Beverage WorldInternational 1998 (November/December) Abstract : This articlereports that soft drinks volume consumption is continuing to expand throughout the world.In 1996, volume sales totalled 27.2 billion 5.7-litre cases, equating to 36.83 litres percapita. A table shows these figures between 1991 and 1996. Further tables show the marketby region over the same period, in terms of volume sales and per capita consumption. NorthAmerica represented 12.3 billion cases in 1996, Europe 5.9 billion cases, Asia 3.5 billioncases, Central and Southern America 3.5 billion cases, the Middle East 0.8 billion cases,Africa 0.8 billion cases, and Oceania 0.4 billion cases. In 1996, regular soft drinksaccounted for 87.5% of global sales (compared with 86% in 1993), and diet varieties 12.5%(14%), showing that regular varieties were growing faster than diet ones. A table ranksthe top 15 countries in terms of soft drinks volume sales, while another shows the globalmarket by flavour.