Beer Suntory: New Carlsberg Draft . Suntory brews this Danish beer under licence in Japan. The product has now been changed to a 100% malt beer and to a draft beer in cans and bottles. Suntory has been brewing 100% malt beers in Japan for many years and has developed the technology using the Carlsberg yeast to produce a clean and rich flavor 100% malt beer. The change to draft canned and bottled beer (non-heat-treated beer) is essential in Japan as virtually all Japanese beer in cans and bottles is non-heat-treated and has been for many years. The Japanese brewers developed a special filtering systems to remove the yeast without heat-treatment and exported this technology to the west. The new Carlsberg Draft has a new pack design to emphasize that it is now 100% malt and draft. No pack size or price quoted.