A round-up of new beverage launches from around the world taken from Mintel's Global New Products Database reveals that the fashion for healthy drinks shows no signs of waning and that hot and cold coffee and tea drinks are also an area seeing significant activity.

A new drink launched recently in South Korea provides further evidence not only of the growing sophistication of the adult soft drinks market but also the desire of soft drinks companies to expand the sector laterally. Health has become a key element in the marketing repertoire during the last few years but a new wave of products expands the category further into what are effectively beauty products.

Health and Beauty
The recent launch of a soft drink which promotes tanning of the skin has been followed by a collagen drink launched in South Korea by Namyang Dairy Products.

The company positions the apple drink, which also contains collagen, aloe vera, liquid fructose and sugar and is fortified with dietary fibre, as a beauty product. According to Namyang, the collagen works as "an agglutinant between cells and helps the healthy maintenance of skin". The drink is primarily targeted at women and retails for KRW950 (€0.67/US$0.80) for a 150ml bottle.

Staying with healthy variants, in Japan, Asahi Soft Drinks has launched a vitamin and mineral-fortified carbonated soft drink called Dodecamin. The brand, launched in April, boasts six vitamins, seven amino acids and also contains carnitine. It retails for Y147 (€1.08/US$1.30) for a 500ml PET bottle.

Mineral water has also been a beneficiary of the interest in healthy drinks and companies have not been slow to recognise this by launching flavoured variants. However, often flavoured waters contain added sugar rather negating the original benefit of choosing to drink water. But this is certainly not the case with Norwegian company, Garbo Food's latest new product. The company is marketing its flavoured water, Irish Classic Orchard Peach Sparkling Water, as naturally peach-flavoured and naturally sweetened low-sugar. Retailing at NKr16.90 (€2.06/US$2.49) for a 500ml bottle, the range also includes Wild Balckberry, Lemon & Lime, and Tropical Fruit flavours.

Also looking to trade on the fact that it is naturally sweetened is an organic apple juice concentrate launched by Eden Foods in the US. Eden Organic Apple Juice Concentrate is made from a unique blend of organic heirloom apples that are slowly evaporated into a naturally sweet syrup. The company says it is ideal for desserts, beverages, and baking.

Tea and Coffee
Meanwhile, a tea syrup also made without artificial flavours or colours, has been launched in Australia by the Alchemy Cordial Company. Chai Spiced Tea Syrup, which contains cane sugar, purified water, natural flavourings (black tea, cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, cloves, caranmon), is drunk with warmed milk.

Staying with the Australian tea sector, Madura Tea Estates has launched Madura Tea Earl Grey Leaf Tea which is described as premium quality Earl Grey leaf tea with 2.8% caffeine dry weight. It comes in a 200g pack.

Three new coffee products have also debuted recently. In Italy, Segafredo Zanetti has introduced Deca Crèm, a pack of 18 bags of decaffeinated cream coffee for percolators. The 125g pack retails for €3.39 (US$4.08).

Meanwhile in the US, Dean & DeLuca Imports has launched Dean & DeLuca SoHo Blend Mild Roast Coffee which the company says is a complex and spicy whole-bean coffee "of exceptionally high quality".

A ready-to-drink iced coffee, French Café Mocha Choco, has been launched in South Korea by Namyang. It retails for KRW950 (€0.67/US$0.80) for a 200ml serving. Namyang says French Café Mocha Choco is a ready-to-drink iced milk coffee made with premium Arabica beans and fresh milk.

Beers, Wines and Spirits
Moving from ready-to-drink coffee to RTD alcoholic drinks, the Colombian company, Coldecom, has launched Artico Limón, a flavoured alcoholic beverage (FAB) with an alcoholic strength of 4.11% abv. It retails for COP2550.00 (€0.77/US$0.92) for a 330ml bottle.

Two new wines have been launched in China. Zhangliantang is a wine made from rice, wheat, corn and sorghum. It retails for CNY40.00 (€3.95/US$4.76) for a 480ml bottle.

Meanwhile, Shanghai Guanshenyuan Wine has introduced Huatuo Wine which is made from Chinese yam, flee-flower root, radix angelicae sinensis and angelica sinensis, and retails for CNY55 (€5.43/US$6.54) for a 250ml bottle.

Finally, in the US, New Belgium Brewing has launched Fat Tire Amber Ale. The new beer is said to have "toasty, biscuit-like malt flavours" and retails for US$2.79 (€2.29) for a 22fl oz bottle.