Where is the most expensive place to eat and drink in Europe? Here, just-drinks brings you fresh figures from the European Commission that compare consumer prices for alcohol and soft drinks by country.

Norway was by far the most expensive country for food, soft drinks, alcohol and tobacco in Europe in 2010, according to figures published by the European Commission yesterday (28 June). Meanwhile, the data shows that Ireland has remained one of the priciest nations, despite being one of Europe's hardest-hit economies.

The Commission's statistics arm, Eurostat, has split the price categories into food & soft drinks and alcohol & tobacco. While this slightly skews specific figures for drinks, it does give an overview of pricing.

Below, you can view a visual for both categories. The data compares prices against an index of 100, which represents the average price for the European Union's 27 member states.

To operate the visual below, you will need Java installed on your computer. If you have this, or after you have installed it, click once anywhere inside the box below. Hover the cursor over the bubbles to see precise figures. The current view is for alcohol and tobacco, but you can select food and soft drinks by using the text box bottom left.