Consumers across Europe are consuming less beer, putting pressure on big brewers amid tough economic conditions. Here, just-drinks brings you stats on how per capita consumption has changed in each country between 2008 and 2010.

Only four European countries registered an increase in per capita beer consumption between 2008 and the end of 2010, according to figures published in a report by Brewers of Europe this month. Those four are Estonia, Norway, Sweden and Malta. 

The trade body has figures for all 27 EU member states, plus Norway, Switzerland, Croatia and Turkey, but not Russia. 

The map below shows where consumption declines have hit hardest, with red representing the strongest falls. Eastern Europe has had a particularly torrid time, and particularly Romania, Hungary, Slovenia and Czech. The UK and Netherlands, meanwhile, have shown the worst falls in Western Europe. 

Underneath the map, we have produced an interactive graphic that allows comparison of per capita consumption in the different markets.

To operate the visual below, you will need Java installed on your computer. If you have this, or after you have installed it, click once anywhere inside the box below. Hover the cursor over the bubbles to see precise figures. To look at different years, select the year in the text box bottom left.