A-B InBev reported its Q1 numbers today

A-B InBev reported its Q1 numbers today

Earlier today, Anheuser-Busch InBev reported a jump in Q1 net profits, but global sales and volumes were down. Here, just-drinks takes a closer look at the group's performance by region and brands: 


North America 

EBITDA in the region fell by 4.5% to US$1.48bn, due to "soft volumes". The US saw sales-to-wholesalers fall by 5.2%, dragged down by "pressure on consumer disposable income, gas prices, and a difficult weather comparable". Beer sales per hectolitre grew by 4%, helped by the continued impact of a price increase in the last quarter. Canada beer volumes fell by 2.9%.

Latin America North

Volumes dropped by 5.8%, with beer volumes down 7.5%. In Brazil, beer volumes fell by 8.2%, due to "the earlier timing of Carnival, poorer weather, high food inflation and a slowdown in the growth of disposable income". EBITDA for the region was up by 1.8% to $1.29bn.

Latin America South  

Total volumes dropped by 10.2% in the three months. But, earnings grew by 9.4% to $395m, as sales per hectolitre were up. Volumes in Argentina fell by 10.7% due to consumer confidence and "colder weather", the company said. 

Western Europe 

Beer volumes fell 7%, with the company blaming a "long winter" for the region. Germany volumes dropped 4.4%, while the UK saw a 4.6% fall. EBITA for the region declined by 7.9% to $179m. 

Central & Eastern Europe 

Beer volumes were down by 16.4%. Russia saw a 17% drop after a new crackdown on beer sales and tax hikes. Ukraine volumes fell 15.5% after record snowfall and cold weather in the quarter.


The region saw a "strong recovery", the brewer said, with beer volumes up by 15.6%. In China, beer volumes grew by 15.5% driven by increased distribution of Budweiser, Harbin and Harbin Ice. 


Group Budweiser volumes rose by 8.4%, driven by "good performances" in China, Brazil, Russia and Ukraine.

Combined, Budweiser, Stella Artois and Beck’s volumes grew by 4.7%.

In the US, market share for the Budweiser portfolio was "essentially flat" with Budweiser Black Crown, launched at the end of January, offsetting a share decline in the flaghship brand. A-B InBev estimated that Michelob Ultra and its "high end brands", led by Stella Artois, Shock Top  and Goose Island, gained share in the quarter. The national rollout of Goose Island continues to be "well received", it said. 

In Brazil, Skol, Brahma and Antarctica remain "healthy" brands, the company said.

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