SodaStream released its full-year results yesterday

SodaStream released its full-year results yesterday

The head of SodaStream has denied that the Coca-Cola Co will have a better quality home carbonation system when it launches the Keurig Cold next year.

In a post-results conference call on Wednesday (26 February), Daniel Birnbaum said he expects Keurig Cold's performance to be of a similar quality to his company's own soda machines. The two platforms are both designed for home use, but while SodaStream's relies on refillable CO2 cannisters, the Keurig Cold is expected to use a chemical process for carbonation.

“I think that Coca-Cola could have just as easily partnered with SodaStream to deliver an outstanding, home-made version of Coca-Cola,” Birnbaum said. “I do not know of any particular benefit that it can deliver to the consumer over and above what the consumer can get from the SodaStream product.”

Birnbaum also said that he was looking forward to seeing the Keurig Cold, which is being made in a partnership between Coca-Cola and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.

However, in a sly dig at Coca-Cola's decision to partner with the home-brewing specialists and not with SodaStream, Brinbaum said: “Everyone has the right to make a mistake.”

The CEO was talking after the release of SodaStream's full-year results, which saw the Israel-based company post a 4.2% fall in net profits despite a 29% sales jump in 2013.