SodaStream released its Q1 results yesterday

SodaStream released its Q1 results yesterday

SodaStream has hit back at suggestions that soft drinks firms refuse to partner with it because its soda machines do not allow for exact dosages.

Speaking to analysts yesterday (14 May), the firm's CEO Daniel Birnbaum said consumers want to be “trusted” to make their own beverages and not be limited by single-serve capsules. Referring to other home carbonation platforms, he said: “Let them continue to give their exact dosing and the right amount of sugar and aspartame. In the meantime, we are going to let you make your soda exactly the way you want.”

Birnbaum was responding to an analyst who claimed there is “push back” from soft drinks firms over SodaStream's machines because they “don't allow for exact dosing of carbonation and flavours”.

SodaStream flavours are free-poured into bottles before being mixed with water, allowing consumers to chose their strength. Other carbonation machines, such as the up-coming Keurig Cold, being co-developed by the Coca-Cola Co and Green Mountain, use single-serve capsules that deliver pre-determined flavour levels.

Birnbaum said: “The consumer does not want exact dosing. That’s where there is a complete divergence between the way SodaStream thinks and the way the category behaves.”

The CEO also denied SodaStream is on track to become a carbonated water company because consumers are buying flavour refills at a slower rate than its machines. 

He said: “I’d say about 40-45% of our consumption in the US is for sparkling water. But the the big opportunity is to deliver a carbonated beverage … and that’s where we're focusing.”

Meanwhile, Birnbaum revealed that starting Saturday, Wal-Mart will stock SodaStream products on a 20-foot shelf set near the front entrance of 1,600 stores. The “seasonal hotspot” will last for 12 weeks, Birnbaum said.

SodaStream yesterday posted a marked drop in Q1 profits as US sales fell. 

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